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Can mold (toxic black mold) cause heart problems?

I've been having tremendous chest pain, heart palpitations  (pounding) and shortness of breath since April of 2015. This all happened shortly after moving into a new apt. It's been over a year since I moved out and yet the symptoms have persisted and have gotten worse in some ways.

I had to quit my job and move back with my mom. Despite not taking any of my old things with me, I think either the mold just stuck to me and/or made me permanently ill.

It gets worse after eating a heavy meal, especially if it's unhealthy. The chest pain and heart pounding gets so bad sometimes I feel like going to the ER. But then I don't go because I've gotten every test in the book and nothing showed up. 20+ ekgs, 3 echocardiograms, 5 chest x-rays, troponin blood tests and a CT scan. ALL came back normal.

It's been almost 2 years living this nightmare and feeling like I'm going to die at least once a week. I'm sick of being sick with heart issues and just want to spread this info as far as possible. Maybe I'll meet the one in one billion people that have mold-related heart problems.
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Dang that sounds insane. If you want I can help you cure that crazy alignment so long as it's not a brain infection. If it is I don't have any useful help for that unfortunately. Do you have any reason to believe it might be a brain infection? Do you have any infections right now at all? High white blood cell count?
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I have recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure xue to living in my home that  had black mold in the walls. I dont want to say anymore until i know how old or recent this post is. I will keep checking if you write bsck.
I’m having the same problem....except the mold was at work...I was healthy two years ago when I started with them..now I'm stage 3 or 4 ... I’d be interested in knowing how you made out.
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I have a long list of symptoms due to toxic mould..only found out back in early December 2017 (years of symptoms) but symptoms worsened after cleaning the mould (mould spores are everywhere..was even drinking water full of mould (grew in my Brita jug). I had a very bad asthma attack recently from the mould but have had shortness of breath and heart palpitations symptoms as well. I showed positive to a biotoxin with the visual contrast sensitivity test. Check the article from Biotoxin Journey Are You Mouldy?
Wow! We are having a mold problem in our kitchen and ya we have a Brita container on our counter. That is scary! Did you actually see mold in your container  or did you get it tested? Any input would be appreciated. They have our whole kitchen torn out. Noone else thinks that it could be affecting me but I have had unexplained shortness of breath since the fall. We have had a slow leak in our dishwasher and it took until now to spot the mold. Hope it all worked out for you.
Hi, I only just found this comment! Yes you could see the mould growing. The mould was green. We threw the brita jug away and bought a new one. We now clean our brita jug daily!
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