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Electric Shock/Jolt Type Sensation in Upper Chest?


For the last year or so, I have been experiencing occasional pain in my upper chest that can be best described as a jolt or shock (or even a spasm). When I first started getting this sensation, I thought nothing of it, as I would get it once a month or once every other month. Now, I have begun to get the sensation more frequently (at least once a week and sometimes several times a day) and I have started to worry that it may be something more severe.  There is no warning for the sensation -- it comes at the most random moments and really shakes me up.

I saw my PCP and a cardiologist and they ran all kinds of tests on me (including EKGs, X-rays, stress tests, etc.) They told me that my chest pain was not cardiac-related and that it could be GERD or anxiety-related (although, I've had acid reflux before (after a night of drinking) and the pain did not feel like acid reflux).  My doctor prescribed me Xanax, Prilosec and Ibuprofen, but nothing seems to be working.

I am a 32 year old male, 5'11" weighing 250 pounds (I have gained 30 pounds in the last 4 years due to poor diet and heavy alcohol abuse).  I have stopped drinking, started eating healthy, and now exercise regularly, but I continue to get these sensations.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms before?  I am desperate for answers.
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Seeing not help yet I jump in to say:  go for it on a healthy life style. The weight clearly is/was way over, hope you can get below 200.  Keep off the booze too, and see what happens.  You did the right thing getting all the (expensive) medical test run. Given they say you heart is okay, given you adopt a better life style, there's nothing I can add.  I wonder if you had a "Jolt" while on one of the tests, unlikely but having the jolt while on the EKG and maybe the Stress Test would tell a lot about any connection to your heart.  Seems that luck didn't happen.  If the condition continues you may want to discuss wearing a Holter Monitor (any form of a wearable heart monitor... simple EKG) to catch one or more of the jolts on a recording of the heart.  Good luck, and PLEASE keep up the healthy life style 32 is WAY TO YOUNG to die or have a debilitating stroke. That said any age is too soon, the battle I now fight as a senior.  Lucky me to have lived so long, but then when I hit the 250 pound weight I did something about it to get down to 225. I am 6' 6" so can carry over 200, but I would like to be 215, say or 210, but the pounds get harder to lose as one approached a healthy weight.  Being old, as I am, also doesn't help one lose weight.
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