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How long until the rapid heart rate/tachycardia from being anemic go away

I have low iron. I have every symptom that comes with it. Almost all the symptoms have gone away except for weakness, short of breath and rapid heart rate when I try to brush my hair, shower, clean, fold laundry basically anything that requires use of my arms or any type of fast exertion. How long until the rapid heart rate/tachycardia goes away? 3 months? a year?. So far I have had this problem for 2 months and have now been supplementing 2x a day Vitron C with oj for the past month. I have had blood work vit d was low, b12 and iron. I am taking meds for the deficiencies. I have a full cardio work up done and everything came back normal. I cant even go grocery shopping or wash my hair with out my heart racing out of my chest from being so tired.
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I was very low on iron and ferritin and slightly anemic last year and got iron supplement tablets for it. My symptoms were the same as yours.  
I started noticing improvements 1 month after starting the suppletion. It took me about 3 months to get back in shape again.

You were possibly more deficient and if so it will take longer. It is not only the iron that has to be supplemented. During your anemic period you lost a lot of your basic fitness. So, you will need to get back in shape with a lot of (cardio) exercising.

Btw, I had bloodwork done again after 3 months of iron pills. HB was within normal ranges again. You should get it checked also, to see if you are in the normal range too. For some people, the pills are not working very effectively.

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Hello  thank you for your response. My first blood test was 2 months ago. Hemoglobin was 12.9 and total iron count was 46 at that point I was taking ferro sequels for a month but my iron level drop by ten points. Not sure on what my ferritin is now. My second blood test the nurse told me that my total iron count was 36. Now the dr has me taking vitron c 2x a day. It has now been a month have not notice much change when it comes to the out of control rapid heart beat.This morning just moving around in bed I could hear my heart pounding. I agree it could take much longer to get back to normal.

I have been walking several times a day in my house. I am scared to go outside and walk since my episode at the supermarket. I just wish I had gone to the doctors sooner but I just didnt put the pieces together until the heart issue came along. I was loosing tons of hair last year around this time and blamed it on stress.

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Yes, too low on iron can give hair loss. Sadly the supplement of iron did not help me with that :-( (male 57y). In your case it will grow back again.

So, for my understanding, the first treatment did not help, and you are now on the second one for 1 month? That is of course not so long. Things might still improve although I must say that in my case I noticed improvement already after 2 weeks.

Some people can not absorb iron very well when taken orally. There is always the option of intramuscular or intravenous injection.

Has your doctor found the reason for your anemia?
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Honestly I am not to worried about my hair loss even though its quite a lot. Like you said Ger57, it will grow back.

Yes the first treatment did not work. At that time I did not know all the "rules" on how to take iron pills. I was taking it with food, still drinking tea, or eating right after with almond milk and oatmeal. Apparently tea, calcium, magnesium, food, phytates, oxalates, eggs, caffiene, and sugar all hinder iron absortion.

This time around I am watching everything i eat. I stop drinking tea completely. I make sure to take the pill 2 hours before or after I eat. I try to   eat a high iron food with a vitamin c foods.

My Doctor the low iron deficiency is caused by my menstrual cycle. Before taking iron pills my cycle was very bad. I have notice a HUGE difference so much better the past 2 months while supplementing. So far that has been the best out come from all of this.

I think I may have to get my iron retested to see if the vitron c is working.
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I am happy to hear that you now experience a huge improvement. Its amazing what such tiny iron pills can accomplish.

Yes, good idea to get your blood retested (after >8-12 weeks). But when you are feeling so much better now, I am sure that HB will be much higher.

All the best to you.
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I went to the cardiologist. Turns out I have P.o.t.s. the low iron deficiency made all my pot symptoms worse according to the doctor. I have to take fludrocotrisone now. Kind of bum that I was diagnosed with this annoying debilitating illness. I guess it could all be much worse.
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