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My boyfriend recently got diagnosed with LAFB. But the doctor didn't give him much information aside from suggesting a stress test that we can't afford right now, to see if he's at risk for heart attack. He frequently has chest pain, and I haven't found much on that as a symptom on the web. His chest pain was the reason he went into the carteologist to begin with. And it seems to have gotten a little worse and definitely more frequent since then. Any one have more information on LAFB? Anyone know if these chest pains are normal or serious? Thanks!
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I'll add that he's 26 and otherwise pretty healthy
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Left anterior fascicular block results in irregular contraction of the heart muscles.
In most patients the condition is asymptomatic and not associated with any specific symptoms and the findings are based on the electrocardiogram reports.
However some of the common symptoms that may be associated with the condition include dizziness due to the defect in cardiac function and/or chest pain (intermittent or recurring), which is often caused  due to the impairment of circulation.

The treatment options depend on the degree of blockage and the severity of the symptoms associated with the condition.
Cardiac evaluation is necessary to know the complete extent of the condition.

Things that could help:
-Specialized diet considerations are required. Reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates is highly recommended. Alternatively increase in the protein content of the diet is mandated.
-Oral supplements: such as omega-3 fatty acids and  vitamins  is highly recommended. Replacing saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats like olive oil or flax seed oil is highly recommended as it improves the  overall health of the heart.Limiting the intake of salt in the diet is also recommended.
-Regular exercise plays a crucial role in the management of the condition. These  exercises include jogging, walking or moderate level of physical activities that depend upon the  tolerance level of the patient. This is to maintain functioning of the cardiovascular system.
-Avoid smoking and alcohol: nicotine and alcohol causes vasoconstriction that further compromises the circulation of your blood.
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