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I am 25 Years old, Healthy (Look Like) and doing good work i am don't have serious stress and sometime doing exercise but before 2 week at night i feel palpitations at my cheats with panic attacks, i call emergency they did my ECG and blood Pressure both normal but still i was feeling same palpitations and pain i visited hospital they did same test and send me back to the home but once i reach home i start feeling more palpitations with panic attacks i visited to another hospital they did same workaround and said i am ok! i took appointment for the cardiologist and saw him he did same tests with some extra tests and said i am Ok! and he admitted me In ICU for a day for monitoring and after day they just released me and said you are ok! no issue but after thet i am still feeling palpitations and panic attack even last night i want sleep all night i was in that pain, i am trying my best to search about it and if you guys have any information please share i wana sleep but i cant

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Okay... It seems to me like you have serious anxiety issues. I can tell from the way you worded your questions and by how many doctors you visited even after being told you are okay. Take it from someone who has dealt with severe anxiety... Please trust your doctors. ESPECIALLY since more than one has given you the okay. Anxiety can make you really think you have a heart problem when in reality you don't. The more you worry the more you'll feel those symptoms. Easier said than done but you just need to relax. If you are still worried about your heart visit your GP and request a holter monitor and stress test. These will show you where you stand in heart health.
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