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heart problem or symptoms of something else?

Hi there, im a 17 year old male and im in good health i guess. I used to workout everyday but stopped this past month due to an injury in my foot. I smoke cigarettes  and hash everyday (not during or before my workout). Recently, ive been feeling a sharp pain in my chest around the heart and im pretty sure its my heart and it comes a few times a day and lasts for a while. Since i started feeling this i stopped smoking any kind of smoke that can effect my heart. But im worried because my lugs are clearing up from not smoking and i dont know if my condition is improving or not. I have also been having pain in my back on both sides and on both shoulders and neck. These also come and go, and ive been having heartburn everytime i eat something heavy or large but i dont have any other symptoms of acid reflux. I tried jumping on my uninjured foot to see if my pulse will be irregular or hurt but it doesnt. Im really worried that its a heart problem and some help would be nice. And also, eventhough i havent smoked in a week im pretty sure the thc levels wont disapear from my urine before 11 weeks so if i do any heart related test is there any chance the doctor will ask for a urine sample. The pain is located a couple inches from the middle of my chest.
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And this pain in my shoulders sometimes travels to my arms and a few days ago both my arms were a bit numb, i also put in mind that im a very stressed person so can this all be related?
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