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reliability of cardiomyopathy tests and screening

I'm a very anxious individual as my prior posts will show!
Ive had a few cardiomyopathy workups to check for a few things that may be causing my chest pain and arrhythmias.

What I'd like to know is how useful some of you guys have found these tests, and how long diagnosis was for yourself.

I've had about 15 resting ecgs.
I've had one echocardiogram
I've had one 24hr holter monitor
I've had one 48hr holter monitor
And one stress test Bruce protocol.

All tests revealed just harmless pacs or pvcs

What happens when you've have loads of tests that are clear but you still get the symptoms?
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The test you have had are very suited to find arrhythmias.
You say that the test were all revealing the same thing: arrhythmias are there but they are harmless. I think all the outcomes of those tests together form a very reliable diagnosis.

Now that you know this, you will probably still feel the arrhythmias, but you need to start ignoring them.
Once you start ignoring the symptoms, they will either go away (as in many persons) or they will stay with you (while knowing that they are harmless) and you can laugh at them.
Dont let these symptoms ruin your life!
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Hey man, thanks for the reply.
I fully understand where your coming from. Do you know abit about cardiology? So it seems I've had a fair few tests to look for things. Would you say any of these tests need to be repeated in the future if I still feel symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath?
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Well, it probably is not really neccessary but, for your ease of mind, it might be a good thing to do.

When I thought I had heart issues during cycling, I found it very soothing to hear the doctor, after a stress test, say that it was much more probable to die in a road traffic incident than to die from a heart attack. Ok, its a bit morbid joke, but it helped me to stop worrying.
When after a year or two, my worries returned, I repeated the stress test.

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That's what my cardiologist said. However I asked him about situations like fabrice muambas and regular screening not necessarily always working and he blanked me and didn't have an answer as to why that happened. Either way if I continue to get chest pain, that gets worse as I continue to train aerobics then I'm obviously going to want more tests aren't I. It's more the fact u hear of 25 30 year old in the paper who suddenly dropped at that age and had never had heart related issues growing up and always been eagerly fit then suddenly they find out they have arvc or long qt for example. What annoys me is when these deaths happen,  the initial cardiologist reports state how we should consider going to the gp for any chest pains or irregular heart beats to prevent this type of sudden fatality. But when you do, they usually say it anxiety or depression or cartilage inflammation
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