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Can someone please tell me what is a good heart rate when we sleep?? Thanks

Hello. I’m having trouble to sleep, my heart wakes me up at night. Can Someone please tell me if someone ever track the sleep?
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Hi.  Resting heart rate is usually between 60 to 100 beats per minute.  Are you waking up with a pounding heart sensation?  Have you ever checked it for a count to see what it really is?  Do you have insomnia or anything like that?
Hi. Thank you for your answer. Resting rate is 60-100 but when we sleep 90 or 100 feel horrible. No I don’t have insomnia But when I feel the strong heartbeat I wake up and I was wonder if anyone in this community has ever check heart rate when the sleep.
90 to 100 is still within normal.  I have a racing heart at night at times.  I am never sure if I'm startled awake and that is why it is racing or if it is the racing heart that wakes me.  So, do keep in mind that 90 to 100 beats per minute is normal. But a racing heart at night can be a sign of coronary artery disease, a previous heart attack, or problems in the heart valve or muscle.  What's your age?  Your health history?  Any relevant details?  Do you have a primary care physician?
Thank you for your answer. I’m female 41 years old. Not heart problem
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