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1500 PVC's a day out of no where. I'm going insane, This is hell.

I'm 35 with history of generalized Anxiety, I had skipped beats maybe once of twice a month but out of no where I get several a minute now.  I had 48hr Holter and it showed 3500 pvc's.  Anxiety is driving me crazy, i cant sleep and basically think I'm going to drop of V-Fib any second.  I'm having Eco done in a week and seeing a cardiologist in January.  I basically think I'm going to die before that happens.  I read so many places that PVC are associated with Increased A-Tych and A-Fib as well as strokes and heart failure even in Healthy hearts.  Im trying to lose weight as I'm maybe 30 pounds over weight and started taking cq10.  Anyone has someone similar happen? anything helped? anyone someone who died? I'm scared.
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Take it easy, you have a long time to go. I have anxiety too, I blame it not on any emotional problems but rather on the fact that my Adrenal glands produce too much Adrenaline for whatever reason. Just to give you some perspective, I have 38,000 PAC's/PVC's per day (also per Holter monitor) and I still live.
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I'm a 47 yr old healthy and not overweight. My pvcs came out of nowhere too starting 2mths ago. 10% of all my beats in a day are pvcs. I thought for sure I was going any minute too but I'm still here. I wonder as well how long can I live with this? Does anyone know what the long term prognosis is
To answer most of your questions about PVCs, all you have to do is look them up on Wikipedia.  You will see that everyone gets them, and that they are benign in most people, especially when you have had multiple tests showing that your heart is normal.

The trick is learning how to deal with the fear that the sensations cause, and there are therapies for this.
Hey Achillea! I started getting ectopics ( PVCs and PACs ) when I was 23. I'm gonna be 60 next October, so that's almost 40 years. Also developed SVT some years later. Still here, still kickin. I have extreme anxiety along with a boatload of autoimmune diseases. Dealing with all that kind of puts benign ectopics in perspective.
It sure does!  Sounds as though you have a great attitude.
It also helps that I worked in Cardiology for decades, last with an EP who has all the same stuff we do! Don't get me wrong, I still have the off day here and there, but when I do, I read about other folks and how they're dealing with things, here and in my Facebook groups. That always helps.
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Your PVC's/PAC's (unless you know exactly what they are) amount to no more than 10,000/day. As I said above, mine are much higher and I am still living - 80 years old. To round it off, you can look forward to another 30 years :)
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Thankyou for replying. Mine are pvcs. I have alot of chest pain at times which metropolol is supposed to suppress but doesn't seem to be working. I wonder how much left sided chest pain is normal with these
Some people do complain of chest pain with PVCs, but you should know that true heart pain is *not* felt on the left side.  There are embryological reasons for this.  But, knowing that the heart is usually a bit on the left side, most people will report left-sided pain.
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Hey Cyberboy! First, you might want to check the dates on the things you're reading. Most recent studies all agree that benign ectopics don't shorten your life at all. PVCs and PACs don't lead to VTACH or VFIB in a structurally normal heart. Like I told Achillea, I've had them and SVT nearly 40 years. Still here.
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I got my first PVC when I was 5 or 6.  Very rare but I'd feel this weird sensation and I had no idea what it was, never bothered me.  It wasn't until I got into my late teens when I realized what they were, and I could look back on that one time when I was 5 and got that weird sensation...Oh, that's what that is!  

Went through a major flare in 2009 when I was getting about 6500 per day, I was 42.  Major workups for months.  Couldn't find anything wrong.  I stayed off meds.  I stopped exercising because of my anxiety of something bad happening.  They gradually settled.  I still get flares once in a while.   Just turned 49 yesterday. I started slowly working out again in 2015.  Started out with just walking.    I run about 6 miles and row about 18 miles (stationary on an Erg) per week.   I was running more but hurt my knee so now I cross train with rowing.  I love rowing.   Haven't died yet that I'm aware of.  :-)
p.s., I was averaging about 2 hours of sleep per night because they would flare at 2am like clock work every night and wake me up.  I'd walk around my house for hours, sometimes punching myself in the chest to make them stop (which doesn't work BTW).  I had two young kids and a stressful job.  It tore me up.
Lack of sleep is one of my biggest triggers-that and Chinese food with MSG.
I think, it is the other way around. They are not triggered by the lack of sleep, but they a triggering the lack of sleep. When I get them I feel anxiety because my body produces too much Adrenaline and when it happens at night, I wake up and can't get back to sleep because of the "fight or flight" response that Adrenaline triggers.
Ugh that's a lose lose situation for sure
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