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15000-20000 pvcs a day which become way less when walking or doing household stuff

I am a male , in my 50's. For 2 months now i am experiencing frequent pvcs out of nowhere. They just started one afternoon. First i had maybe a 5-10% burden. I got an Echocardiogramm ..all was fine and my EKG showed some unifocal pvcs on the short strip. Cardiologist not worried, gp not worried. Past weeks they became more frequent. As in, if i lay down or sit down then i can get a rhythm as in 3 normal beats , one skipped beats for hours. As soon is i change my bodily position it goes out of that rhythm to again go back into it minute later. If i start walking they go away a lot.. i then maybe have 1% burden..

I really do not understand why i have so many pvcs when i lay in bed or sit on the vcouch or behind my desk. Sometimes i think it is because of my acid reflux or vagus induced, yet my cardiologist thinks that is nonsense..
ALso he doesnt get that i have this many while lying down or sitting..
He says they are benign, yet when i sleep for 8 or 9 hours and sit many hours a day,, then i easily get over 15000 pvcs at least ...and i have read that this can lead to a weakened heart (cardiomyopathy)

Can anyone shed more ligth..cause i feel like i am a ticking time bomb and my cardiologist does not seem to think or believe that i have 15000 or more every day!!
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Hi, I too have lots of PVCs (and Long QT, tachycardia, etc.).  Try lying on your right side when sleeping - that helps my PVCs.  Avoid lying on your left side.  Also, when you feel your PVCs, try coughing hard to 'reset" your heart.  That often helps mine.  Has your doctor tried any meds like Metoprolol or Bystolic?   They both helped my PVCs, especially when I take it with a Super C vitamin that includes Vitamin D and zinc.   I know how frustrating and scary they are, so I hope you can find some relief soon.  Take care.
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Hello Richard.   I was at the same level of pvc burden, with many times they were bigeminy (every other beat) which made me feel dizzy sweaty and nauseous.  
I would see an excellent electrophysiology cardiologist.  Look for their ratings.  Make sure they are affiliated with a good hospital.  
He/she may recommend doing a cardiac ablation to reduce the PVCs.  I’ve had 2 ablations, the second one just a month ago and I’m starting to feel a positive difference (it often takes months to feel the full effect so patience is needed).  
Hope that helps!
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thank you for answering. The thing i want to know and are still looking for is why my cardiologist does not seem worried. And why i have so many when sitting in laying down and way less in amount when i am walking.. Also, can you have 15% of pvcs a day (or sometimes even more to 20%) without having any issues or long term problems?
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