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200 heart rate

I went to my GP and they did an Echocardigram and my heart rate was over 200.  Should I have been sent to the ER in an ambulance.  I am 80 years old and have record of heart disease.  My wife drove me 40 miles away and I spent 8 days in CCU.
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I would say so.  Odd they let you go on your own but maybe they didn't want you to get charged for an ambulance ride??  Well I am glad you went to the ER.  Do you know why it was so elevated?  Were you in afib or some other rhythm issue?  200 at your age seems extremely high.  I hope you are doing fine now.  
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200 at any age is to high, way to high! Yes, you should have gone by ambulance. Was this in the US? Was your rate restored to a more normal level before driving to the other hospital? That still isn't an excuse though.
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