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24 hour heart monitor

I'm a 19 year old female that has been dizzy since January this year. I have been to the doctors hundreds of times and i have had hundreds of tests. Nothing has been found and the dizziness is still there.
I had a 24 hour heart monitor and i have a heart murmur and get really strong palpitation and it sometimes feel like someone is kicking me from the inside (thumping hear beats). I was wondering what the heart monitor would pick and and could this be connected to my dizziness. I have't got my results yet.
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Hi, Charlotte.  First, let me ask you. What does the dizziness feel like?  This may sound stupid, but there are different kinds.  Do you feel off balance?  Vertigo (room spiining while you feel stationary)?  Or do you feel like the room is okay, but YOU'RE spinning.  Do you feel nauseous?  Headaches?  Visual disturbances?  I'm telling you because I have extreme dizziness (my niece and sister, too) and we've all had it for over a year now.  Although I have PVCs and palpitations, the two are not related.  But yours could be, so let me know the answer to above and I'll tell you what I think.
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The dizziness feels like a wave of nothing really feeling with it if that makes sense. In the morning, it is like a tingly dizziness and very bad and through out the day its like waves of dizziness.
I have had a MRI done on my head and nothing neurological was picked up.
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Hi red_arrows,

Do you tend to be an anxious person?  Like RNRita said, there are different kinds of dizziness and some may be related to a heart arrythmia.  However, because you have had a lots of doctor visits and tests, I'm wondering if it could be more anxiety related.  I wouldn't jump to that conclusion, but just keep it in the back of your mind IF they do not come up with a physical connection between your heart rhythm and the dizzy feeling.  

Do you have it most of the time?  Do you have any other sensations when you are feeling dizzy?
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Well, your "dizziness" sounds a lot like mine.  I finally, after much research and tests, figured it out on my own.  My MRI was clean, as was my CT scan, ENG, and all other tests.  I had my heart worked up (again) and it was not related.  I found out that it is something called MAV (migraine associated vertigo).  You don't need the pain.  My sister and niece both have it.  You don't need a headache for this.  It is like having a migraine without the pain.  We have described it as pins and needles in the head, head stuffed with cotton, electricity, all kinds of ways, but we all know that we are experiencing the same thing.  There is a forum for it that I am on and there are tons of people who have it.  It can also be very hormonal.  I don't know your age, but realized mine got much worse with the onset of menopause.  This doesn't mean that guys don't get it!  lol  Good luck.  I don't think it is cardiac related.
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Hello...I seen u asked red_arrows about what the dizzy sensation felt like...my feels strange...mine feels like I'm the one spinning....like I can't get enough oxygen and my heart feels like its beating so irregular and erratic....scares me horribly...but I have never fainted....
Just wore a holter...called my cardiologist to find out my results....his receptionist gave me my results!!
Said it was normal....but his receptionist??
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