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27 Years old, Worried about ups and downs of heart rate. Between 60-110 normal?


Perhaps I am overworrying, but after getting a fitbit to monitor heart rate, I've been subject to a whole new set of numbers to obsess over.  I find that my resting heart rate is often recorded in the low sixties or high fifties...which I gather is a positive thing.  What I'm worried about is that light walking (through a grocery store, standing up after a movie, walking through the house or doing errands) my heart rate can increase to just above 100-110.  Once, this weekend, it elevated to 120 for about twenty mins randomly while I was sitting before settling down.

That aside, I am perhaps paranoid and worried that the fact my heart rate varies so radically from a resting rate to suddenly leaping into the high nineties or low 100's or 110's while light walking might mean something is drastically wrong with me or my heart.  I've had an EKG within the last two months and a heart rate monitor during an exercise test...both times the doctor did not warn me of anything amiss.

Should I be as worried as I am?
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I am not a doctor but suspect it is normal.  It is very possible your heart is just not well conditioned.  Do you do any cardio vascular exercise on a regular basis?  In general, if the heart is seen as healthy, there would have to be other more concerning symptoms for a cardiologist to be concerned about your heart rate fluctuations.  Take care.
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Likely, you are fine. I have found that the Fitbit is less than accurate as I have one as well. I double checked it against a a chest strap style heart rate monitor and the Fitbit was way off in a lot of instances. It greatly inflates hr while walking around the house and often it gets "stuck" at a higher rate when the heart has slowed minutes before. If you are really concerned, spend $30 and get one of the old type polar chest strap/watch combos and see what it says as you do your daily activities.
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Hey i wear a fitbit and i have similar issues, when i wake up my heart rate is usuaoly 60bpm from getting out of bed and walking around the house it can shoot anywhere upto 110 bpm plus which i believe is exageratted . Also ive noticed even though my heart rate when sleeping is 60bpm that some days i can sit as long as i want and it will struggle to get below 70bpm , often sitting around 77-80bpm, i think having a firbit can be a bad thing for people like me because i now obsess over it, which cannot be healthy
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