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3 year old complaining about heart...

My 3 year old has been complaining that her heart is beating tight and telling me that her heart is broken(She is behind about a year on her speech so she doesn't speak very well). It started November 15, 2013 when she was coloring before then she wasn't running around or anything active. Since then she has complained about it almost everyday most of the time more than once a day. I have taken her to the er they did an EKG said she was fine and sent us home. a couple days later she said she felt like she was going to throw up, she wouldn't eat anything and would barely drink anything and continued to complain her heart was beating tight(when she complains about it, its beating so fast I can't keep up with it to count) I took her to the er again and they found she has a heart murmur(which shes never had before) did an EKG and an echo both came out normal so she was sent home again with no answers to what might be causing this. Again when it happens shes not doing anything and her heart seems to be beating double what it should be and kind of hard, and it lasts for about 1 minute or so. I haven't been able to get her into her pediatrician because every time I call the line is busy or I get the after hours nurse. I'm at my wits end her fathers side of the family has a lot of health issues concerning the heart and her father was born with a hole in his diaphragm. I have asthma and acid reflux, which I think it might be acid reflux but that doesn't explain her heart beating fast(at least not to me). Any suggestions to what this might be would be great so I can discuss the possibility with her doctor, once I can actually get through to make an appointment.
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Ask for a Holter Monitor. It will capture episodes of rapid heart rate while at home. Also, she might need to be tested for Asthma if it runs in the family.

Did they say what was causing the Murmur?
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The next time she complains about her heart, place your ear to her chest and listen to it, and count the beats.  She could be experiencing bouts of SVT which is quite often a concealed condition.  When not occurring, an EKG will usually show a normal heartbeat.
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