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8 weeks after 3rd ablation

I have been lurking on these forums for the past couple of years, and have found the expierences shared to be very helpful and informative.  About 3 years ago, I was hospitalized with CHF and low ejection fraction of 15 caused by an untreated irregular heartbeat.  21 day hospital stay and was unable to get me to NSR after multiple cardioversions (afib), so I was released with a lifevest (whole other post about that).  A decision was made to ablate for afib and aflutter.  The PVI ablation was deemed a success (and comple return of ejection fraction output to normal levels), but months later aflutter returned and sustained for multiple days.  Second ablation was done to go after the left atrial flutter. While in the procedure it was dicovered my poulmonary veins had reconnected, so that was cleaned up and they were unable to induce any more irregular heart beats.  Aflutter came back in less than six months, and decision was made to go for the 3rd ablation to agressively target the flutter.  Procedure was deemed a success and a right flutter wass ablated along with some left atrial flutter spots.  They were unable to induce anymore irregular heartbeats.  During recovery while removing sheaths, aflutter presented.  They cardioverted, and then off and on flutter during overnight stay.  These last 8 weeks have been the usual with recovery.  Tons oif PACs/PVCS and sustained wpisodes of the aflutter from 2 hours to 3 days and two strings of 6 and 10 days of NSR during this time also.  On beta blocker and flec.  

Last 5 days have had 4 of 5 with sustained flutter episodes from 4 to 12 hours.  After third ablation, some of my flutter are lower heartrate than ever before 95-105, but then some are my old faithful of 138-155 BPM.  Actually in an episode now since 4:45 am that stopped for about 1 hour and returned when I got up at work to walk around.I go to a well repsected EP practice and have been encoraged that they are legit from outsode the practice.  EP doc said he has seen this kind of activity subside after healing, even with apatient of 9 months.

I am nothing like my former self.  Not active right now at all.  Dont sleep well, becasue sometimes I have the episodes at night, and miss any sense of normalcy.  Cna anyone provide support that this may susbside with time, or is it just what it is...the new me?  Thanks in advance.
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Sorry to hear about this.  Its not so much the new you as the you with a better understanding of where you are currently, isn't it? Yes it is a reality but I would not be too fatalistic about it:  there are things to do and you must look to the future too. I dont see anything here that says your options are exhausted here. Thankfully, this does leave hope, and quite frankly an obligation on your part to think positively and act diligently. (In addition to holding out for that possibility that your issue could subside.) among other things, you could consider the potential benefits of:

- getting a second medical opinion.
- stepping up the quality of your medical care if you can.
- informing yourself about your condition and working through potential options (pacemaker option for instance with AV node ablation?) with the help of your family and doctors
- stay positive and keep yourself from any type of depression which could debilitate or reduce your ability to take action.
- maintaining your support network.

Good luck and god bless.

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All great points.  Thanks for the reply.  
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No personal experience with ablation, but from what I've read it is not unusual for healing to take 6 months to a year.  I suffer from afib and aflutter and am in afib right now after a lung surgery.  I have to wait a month in order to be cardioverted due to a blood clot found with TEE.  I am on heavy duty meds and I think I am slowly adjusting to them.  Can't take my bp or pulse, really it is so fast and irregular, so docs tell me to rely on how I feel.  I was offered the AV node ablation/pacemaker option, but am not ready for that.  Not sure where you are located, but in the Midwest the Cleveland Clinic is the best.  I am to be evaluated there next month to see if they have any options to offer me.  Good luck with this.  In your position, I would seek another opinion.  Can't hurt, might help.  You might want to check into the FIRM ablation, a new procedure that is supposed to work better.
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Thanks.  We have been reassured by others that the practice we go to is very good.  I probably just need to be patient and see what happens.  At least for these next few weeks.
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Just wanted to post that today is the 10th week since my procedure and I am on my longest continuous streak of days without a sustained fast episode since ablation (today is the 11th day)
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That is very good news.  I hope you continue to stay in NSR.  Stay strong.
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