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A few questions about arrythmias

Hi again.
A few days ago I post a thread about skipped heartbeats.
I have a few more... I hope you can help me. As you can tell, I am very anxious about it all and I keep trying to find ways to put my mind at peace.

Lately I have been noticing that my skipped beats start as soon as I wake up. Then during the way, while I'm sitting at my desk at work, it calms down a bit (not always though) and it starts again when I get up and walk up the stairs. And at night even when I'm laying on my bed, it happens again. Also sometimes I seem to have loads of gas when I'm having the skipped beats.

Are there triggers for skipped beats?
Any tricks or advice that can help to reduce them?
Is it ok to exercise when I am having the skipped beats? (I have a stationary bike) I am overweight and was thinking about losing some weight.
Also for 4 years now, on and off with periods of constant, I have been suffering from shaking inside the body and when I'm sitting or laying down, I have a feeling that I am swaying, sometimes very badly. I have seen an ENT doc to check ears etc, everything was ok. My work doctor thinks it's anxiety. Can it be true? I might be completely relaxed in bed, watching a movie, and I will feel my body swaying (dizziness?). It scares me when it's hign in intensity and I think I make myself worse. Can arrythmias cause this? Cause I don't know if it'sa  coincidence, but I started feeling it after I took some inderal to control heartrate. But it's been ages since I have stopped it. So surely if it was that med causing it, it would have stopped. Can being overweight make me feel that?... When I was slim, I never got that shaking and swaying thing...

I've been reading all over the internet for years, trying to find explanation to that "swaying" I get and that really making my life harder!

Sorry for going on and on... I just want some reassurance and help... and wanna feel a bit "normal"...

(I am nearly 33/F, diabetes type2, overweight. I take verapamil 40mg 3 times a day to treat SVT)

Thanks for reading and your time... Any input will be highly appreciated.
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Here is an awesome thread that might help with some of your questions.  It is a discussion on "triggers" for extra beats.  

Not sure about the swaying feeling : (

For the record, anxiety can show up in a lot of different ways.  The fact that you have had good checkups is GREAT news!  Tackling anxiety can be tough, but it's definitely possible : )  Been there, done that.  There's also an awesome "anxiety" forum!  Lots of great tips (if you think that's what's going on).......Might be worth a look/see.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.... Very kind of you...

Is it possible to have a link to the "triggers" forum you mentioned?....

Thanks again....

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OMYGOSH!  I can't believe I forgot to post the link........DUH!!

Here you go : )


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Thanks a lot :-)
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I took verapamil for over 10years for SVT.  I felt the same way.  I felt as if the verapamil made my heartbeat to slow and caused it to skip a beat.  Verapamil is the best in my opinion.  I have tried all of the medications for SVT.  I started taking half the dose (with dr. approval ). It seemed to get much better.
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Thanks for your post...
I don't know if Verapamil does that for me. I have been on it since 1st day of 2006... the skipped beats just seem to come out of the blue...
I might have to go to the hospital again at some point... and see what they say....
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