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Me and my friend were out having lunch the other day and got to talking about my things to do list. I'm opening up my own business and she suggested that I have an AED onsite. I had no idea what she was even talking about until i got online and googled it and found this website www.aedmasters.com which sales AEDs online and through their FAQ's i was able to grasp what an AED was and the importance of one not only for me and my employees but my customers as well. I an intrigued about these AEDs and wanted to see what others thought of an AED, anything would help!
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It is a great idea. I bought an AED about 5 years ago for my home because my daughter and I have heart problems. The peace of mind that it gives us was worth every penny. They can deffinatly save lives. If one of your customers, employees or anyone else that enters your business had cardiac arrest your AED could save their life, If I am not mistaken you have only seconds to convert a heart to its normal rythem, or brain death occurs. I know malls gyms and airplanes have them. You cant go wrong :)
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I think the device is "overkill" unless you have a known heart condition, or you have lots of customers all at once.  Otherwise I'd say the odds of needing one is less than once in a life time.  

That said, I lost a neighbor a few months back, and I was the one who found him in his front yard.  Not sure a defibrillator would have helped, as I don't know how long he was down before I saw him, but I'd guess only a matter of a few minutes...which was too much time for me to help.  His heart had stopped.  Still, it was another 5+ minutes before the police arrived with a defib.
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If the company where my brother worked had an AED, he'd be alive today.  Since my son suffered cardiac sudden death less than minutes from the ambulance company and they had an aed, he's alive and has no brain damage.  I'd think an AED is a must in any business today - they provide soooo much.
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Not only is an AED a life saver, but it also gives your customers a thought that you are a company that gives thought to the well being of others.  Customers might think you go the extra mile, and they are shopping in a respected store.  I think AED's are great and they should be mandated by law to be in ever public place.  Life is valuable, so whats the price of a AED should be no object!

Thanks for considering an AED in your company!  
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These devices are excellent, but please note they only detect v fib, not a person who has no heart rythm at all.

The devce is not meant to bring someone back from a flat line.
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Does anyone else not see this as spam?
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