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AF post ablation

I had an attempted ablation done in April. The ablation did not occur because the surgeon perforated the heart.  I  then had another abalation about 6 weeks later on May 20, 2011. Both occassions the hospital  sent me home the same day. The abalation  was done on the pulmonary vien. Though the abalation surgery itself was a success as stated by the surgeon,  I wonder if the procedure overall was or will be a success. My average resting heart rate is about 120 bpm. Three days after the procedure I was awakened in the middle of the night with a pulse rate of close to 200 bpm. This  was going on for a couple of hours. I took extra propafenone hoping it would calm it. It did.

Prior to the abalation I could  at least exercise somewhat (cardio) now I dare not.  In the past two weeks  my heart rate  has gone well past 230 bpm (probably a heck of a lot higher than that during the peak of the episode) with simple little things such as  getting out of a chair; shoveling a few scoops of dirt; and  doing a fast walk  up a slight incline. The first couple of times I could of passsed out however I laid down and concentrated on calming the heart. Though it went away after a few minutes it wanted to raise its ugly little head upon any slight increase in activity. I had to walk extremely slowly.

When I walked up the slight incline I was on my way to work. I could feel  the tachycardia /AF coming on. I had a strange feeling in my abdomin and legs (like a weakness but not--very difficulat to describe), but no chest pain. When I arrived at work (10 minute walk  under normal circumstances) the AF was still bothersome,  but became even more so when I  walked  a short distance to a meeting. I had to stop and rest  for about 10 minutes so the heart could calm down somewhat.  I thought I was going to  go down/ passout. I went to the meeting but cut it short.  I called my husband to take me to the hospital emergency. When I got there they  took my BP and pulse rate. My pulse rate at the time emergency took me in was 213 bpm; I did not feel too bad at that rate. So I can only speculate that my rate was close to 300 bpm earlier.

These episode since the abalation are  much more frequent. I would love to be able to  get back to cardio exercise and more. My cardiologist says that it may take 3 to 6 months or more before it can be determined if the abalation was a success or not.  QUESTION: Is this normal to have tachycardia to that extent two and half months  post ablation? Will I be able to get back to exercising. I haave been battling this  AF for 8 years. In total I have had 5 abalations. The AFseems to be getting worse.  I am on 270 mg of diltiazem and 750 mg of propafenone daily.

I am a 48 year old female
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I am so sorry that you are still suffering.  Having been in your shoes at one time, I know what it is like to feel lousy.  What happened to you when you went to the ER?  Did they cardiovert you with meds?  How long did your HR stay above 200?

Have you thought about getting a second opinion?  Is your cardiologist and electrophysiologist?  You are on some heavy duty meds.  Are you on coumadin or other anticoagulant?

I think you need to see a doc soon.  You deserve to feel better.
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I totally agree with ksig....you have been through a lot.  You had 2 ablations 6 weeks apart?  Your heart has to have time to heal and that takes months.  Did the same EP perform all your ablations?  I had mine last Sept for a-fib and have had some SVT lately.  My Dr. prescribed a beta-blocker followed 20 min. later by 3 anti-arrhythmic pills which did stop the tachycardia in it's tracks.
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I too am sorry that you are going thru this....that first ablation sounded like a nightmare but like i always say its in the ability of the person ablating us in terms of our success rate.  So in answer to your questions....yes.....i went thru the exact same thing after my ablation and up to about the 4 month mark...it was difficult at best because you always sort of freak out thinking it was a fail when it really isn't in many many cases.  My heart rate did exactly what yours did after some minimal exercise and i too went back to the E,R. and was chemically converted i think 2 times within a six month period.  My doc just simply explained it to me that the heart is still irritable and swollen after being poked, prodded, penetrated and zapped and we have to give it time to heal which is why docs say up to the six month mark.  Finally when i hit the four month mark things abated and alot of it is now just a memory.  This is one of those things where we want it and we want it now and unfortunately it just doesn;t work that way for any of us...each and every one of us has our own hearts and our own healing time period depending on so many things but i would definately be optimistic you just have to power thru these first few months.  It will be five years for me on October 5th and i couldn't be happier...do i still worry....yep....am i still scared that its going to pop up again.....yep......but...............i got my life back on a golden platter and do more now physically than i did before i ever had the issues pop up originally.....i know its hard....just remember each day it gets a little bit better and better and better till the day comes when you no longer feel your heart and when you recognize that day trust me it will throw you for a loop because you will be so surprised....the healing is happening is all just like when we bruise, cut ourselves or even get a broken heart.....congrats on taking the leap tho and we are all here for you
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Thank you everyone for your feedback. It is  certainly helpful to know that time is the healer in most cases after an abalation. We'll see after 6 months. I am working on my third month.

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