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AFib Ablation/Hiatal Hernia and PVC's & Another Ablation?

My husband has had two laser ablations for Afib. In between he was diagnosed by gastro with hiatal hernia and GERD. All of a sudden, now he is experiencing many many PVC's. They are nearly non-stop and he is hungry for air and exhausted. Cardiac Enzymes are normal. Cardiologist ordered an holter monitor and now he goes in tomorrow for a Nuclear Medicine Stress Test. I am wondering if having the two earlier ablations can be now causing some issues with the lower part of his heart and also if the PVC's are connected to them as well.
From reading on the boards, I do see the connection and it makes sense to me. They are talking about doing an ablation in what they call the 'tri-state area of his heart' that will stop the PVC's.
My concern is that when this started happening and he was triaged through the heart hospital, a fellow cardiologist just blew this off....he did not examine him, he looked at his blood work shook his hand and said now you can go home. If I had not followed up on this, I do not know what could have happened. Isn't it protocol to have a Dr from the EPS dept come down to check patient before he gets a handshake and a go home from some nitwit? He is much worse now then he originally was and I had called EPS the next day to report my concern for his treatment. I am pissed and feel this could have been treated much sooner. It sure is not doing much for my trust in this heart hospital. The original dr that did the first to ablations has left, the dr doing most of the surgeries now looks not too good himself.
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Maybe time for a second opinion at another hospital?  You deserve a thorough explanation on what his issues are and how they all are affecting the way he's feeling.  Good luck on this -- keep us posted.
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