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Abnormally fast resting heart rate

I'm only 14, i am 5'5"-6" and i am a healthy weight of about 125-128.  For some reason that i can't figure out my resting heart rate is 78 after sitting on the couch with my eyes closed very calm and relaxed.  I took my pulse from my wrist for ten seconds and multiplied by 10.  I did this twice, one today and one yesterday with the same results.  I also have very large dilated pupils all the time but i do not do drugs, drink alcohol, or drink coffee.  The only caffinated drink i have on occasion is Ice Tea but that is maybe a glass a day only sometimes.  I also have a not very high endurance for running, but i am in fairly good shape compared to most people my age.  Is there any reason for the unusually high heart rate or dilated eyes? Are the possibly related?

Thanks for anything
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If I read you correctly you made an arithmetic mistake, you should have mulitiplied by 6 not 10.  There are 6 10 second intervals in a minute.

If I am correct your HR is 8 x 6 = 48 is rather low, but may not be a problem as you say you have high endurance - strong cardiovascular.

Discuss any concerns you have with your parents, that's a good path to follow when you are 14 years old.
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Sorry for the typo! i did multiply by six, and i had 13 bpm in ten seconds
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I make typos all the time, mind just working faster than the fingers.

Ok, to the 13 x 6 = 78 bpm, I'd say that in and of itself isn't a big concern.  If I read correctly you are able to take on aerobic (running) level activity without having unusual shortness of breath or other limitations relative to your age and peer exercise group.

I don't remember for sure, but I think young people normally have a HR higher than young adults - say those over 20 years old who may be more in the 60-70 range at rest.  
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Why are you worrying about a HR of 78bpm? Normal range is 60 - 100bpm. You're pretty much smack bang in the middle of the normal range. There's nothing to worry about here.

When I was your age my resting rate was always 80 - 90bpm, and I was very fit.

HR increases also after eating.

How dilated are the pupils? Sometimes my pupils are both large and dilated. It can be as simple as the lighting conditions of the room you are in, to things irritating your eyes. But it's always best to be sure with any of these things so you can know for sure.

Consult a Dr.

Take care : ]
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