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Acid Reflux & PVC

Is there any relation with acid reflux and pvc?
i've been dealing with pvc for 2 years plus now;( had stress test alot of holters and ekg's all normal
blood work as well.
i noticed i will get pvc after eating or if i have heartburn once in a blue moon i will get them when i swollow food.
have had the cam done it was normal.
so with all that said im lost;(
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I found another medhelp question on this (second link at the bottom). The diagnosis from a chief gastroenterologist at a teaching hospital was deglutition tachycardia.  Swallowing is known scientifically as deglutition.  The condition looks to be due to irritated nerves in the esophagus often from acid reflux/GERD or an unknown cause.

My mother no longer suffers severe GERD or LPR and is 95% improved with gastritis. See my other answer for more information to help prevent acid reflux conditions:


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Thannks i will take a look...need all the help i can get ;)
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