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Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response - how common in afib?

After answering questions from others, on heart rhythm issues, I now find myself in need. Lifelong history of PVCs, PSVT (brief), PACs, and almost had an ablation for PVCs. The almost ablation came after eating a bag of chocolates with others, resulting in persistent PVCs for months. Doctor gave me Acebutolol 200mg three times a day and the PVCs slowed and stopped.

Blah blah blah, years passed by, no irregular rhythms, then a few weeks ago, I jumped out of bed, having just got into it. The heart rhythm was irregular, I tried the Valsava Maneuver, didn't work. Phoned for ambulance, transported, told afib, spent 4 days in the hospital. Told I was to get an EchoCardiogram the following day, they did nothing. At 10 PM I overhear the nurse say I'm getting an Adenosine Stress Test in the morning. I told them no. No one talked to me. I told them I want rate control and anticoagulation in place, I'll see my own doctors.

The day I thought I was being discharged, I got a Definity Contrast EchoCardiogram. I had one last year. A very well known cardiologist read it, he said it was identical to last years, except I was in afib. My heart rate during the test? 160, they only gave me 25 mg Metoprolol in the AM.

On Acebutolol, my resting heart rate was in the 50s, and after 5 minutes on a walking stress test my heart rate was in the 90s. Ejection fraction is 65%.

Can someone comment on the ventricular rate, is this common with afib? I'm on Metoprolol Succinate, 200 mg once per day, it's not quite enough, and Coumadin. If I get anxious, I get some fast ventricular beats, short runs. I'm waiting for a month of anticoagulation to be in place at therapeutic levels, and the cardiologist wants to try a one time shock conversion. He claims it's an outpatient thing, but wants to start Sotalol, but I understand that's a 3 day stay.

Remember, I was monitored for 4 days, 24/7. Neither my family doctor, an Internist, or my cardiologist, thought a stress test was necessary, and they had access to the same data. But this is unnerving to me, the afib thing, looking forward to hearing from others. Oh, and I'm in my early 60s, but my son had three cardioversions (two by shock) and mother had it much older and ended up with a PaceMaker.
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