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Am I going to die? Terrified for my life

Just a little background about me, I’m 24 years old with a history of occasional PVCs. They almost always happened at rest, until last year. I noticed very time I would really exert myself or work out I would get PVCs at a high HR. I went to my cardiologist and he had no worries. Then they got worse, I started having frequent PVCs with short runs of v tach anytime my HR would go above 100 BPM. My cardiologist did a echo and holter and said I have a structurally normal heart and there is nothing to worry about. I am taking a low dose beta blocker because the symptoms of the PVCs were unbearable and I still get them when my HR goes up, just not as much. My question is what would cause exercise induced PVCs in a young healthy 24 yr old female? I don’t smoke or drink, I am overweight but am very active, at least I use to be. These PVCs have burdened me to the point where I am thinking about planning my funeral. I have read that exercise induced PVCs and recovery PVCs increase risk of sudden cardiac death. I get both recovery and exercise or should I say tachycardia induced PVCs. Does anyone have any clue as to why I have gotten these all of a sudden? I use to be very active when I was younger and never felt PVCs, only when I was resting. I am terrified there is something going on with my body that the cardiologist hasn’t found. He doesnt want to do an ablation because he feels like it’s not necessary. I am beyond scared to the point where I barely leave the house and when I do I’m very anxious. Yesterday I was lifting a bunch of groceries into my house and BAM, I started getting PVCs and recovery PVCs with increased HR. I do have anxiety but I have had anxiety for years, I would think my PVCs would’ve showed up then when I was having panic attacks and my HR would get up to 170. My cardiologist thinks I have some type of autonomic dysfunction but is not worried in the slightest about my heart despite having tachycardia induced PVCs, recovery PVCs, and episodes of v tach. He believes I’m just a worrisome young adult that has an easily irritated heart. This is my second cardiologist that has told me this. I just want to see if anyone else that is young that has been through this and if they have suggestions. My doctor has told me to exercise but every times my HR goes up I get runs of them and I am scared to death. I don’t want to die but it looks like exercise induced PVCs and recovery PVCs are a big indicator of heart disease in the future. Both of my grandfathers have had major heart attacks and CAD but they were both lifelong smokers and drinkers so I’m not sure if that played a role. I know I can’t change my genetics but I so desperately just want to live. I want to have a normal life and children but I am so scared all the time I am crying right now just writing this. If anyone could please just help I am so desperate
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I'm not your age but we've very similar in every other way.    The fact that you have anxiety (like me) wildly complicates the cardio landscape.  THAT is the biggest problem here. It is very unlikely you're in actual danger.  But I know how that sounds when youre scared. Get a second opinion from a completely separate cardiologists office.  A "normal" life is tricky for people like us but it can be done.
Well what scares me is exercise induced PVCs and recovery PVCs are indicative that I will have future heart problems and increased risk of cardiovascular death. This terrifies me I’m only 24 with frequent PVCs and v tach. I want to live a long life and I feel like I won’t since I’m so young. I have been to 2 cardiologists and 1 EP, they all are not concerned and don’t want to do an abalatiom for some reason
Alishacori - an Ablation is a big deal and should be.  It burns out a nerve cluster near the heart (that's what its supposed to do)_  If you've seen three doctors and they've all tested you (Im assuming they did) then your big problem is the same as mine.  PVC's, of any kind, send us into a panic attack.  That event, the panic attack, is responsible for everything else that happens - not a heart condition.  The increased HR and BP - all of it is a panic attack, not your heart.  Yes, recovery can be indicative of future problems so its right to get yourself in shape and remain that way.  You can do that. But we both need to conquer the panic attacks that the PVC's inspire.  THIS CAN BE DONE.  I want you to start here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEYlYNmvT-A
Dr Gupta speializes in our problem. He's convinced that panic anxiety disorder is the chief culprit.  What that means is, you and i need to learn to meditate and probably take up yoga very seriously so we can have much greater command of our flare ups.  We can do that.  Nothng will stop us.   Dr Gupta has lots of online video about these problems.  Dont watch any that scare you.  Not yet.  Watch the ones that address fear.  Start with that one.
I feel like my years and years of anxiety has caused irritated focuses in my heart to the point where I am getting them all the time. I feel like I am literally worrying myself to death. It’s so weird in the last year I went from having a few PVCs during exercise to having them frequently and then starting to have recovery PVCs. I have no idea what is going on with my heart. My doctors say my heart is structurally normal. I am trying to eat healthier and have already lost 25 lbs. I’m trying to get back in shape it’s just so hard with these PVCs. I will check the YouTube video out
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I wish I could post a screenshot on here. I read on a forum that a doctor said PVCs after exercise are only a concern in patients who have coronary artery disease. Which is NOT you! We’re in the same boat. Im the same age as you are and I suffer with pvcs and pacs. I just had an ECG done a week ago and it was normal. My doctor told me I have to stop living my life this way. You can’t let them win because once they do they will take over your life. The past year or so I have been worrying about these nonstop to the point where I couldn’t eat or sleep.

Also I think you need to take solace in that doctors have told you that you are fine. If they aren’t worried you shouldn’t be either. But I know that’s easier said than done! Seriously. They are scary but if a doctor says you’re fine at some point you have to believe them.

Also I have a question for you, what do your runs of VTach feel like?
My v tach feels like a flutter. I did a stress test and it showed I had PVCs with increased HR, not PACs. My PVCs worsen when my HR goes up and I have no idea why.
Maybe it’s the adrenaline. I’m not sure. But like I said if your doctors aren’t worried you should try not to worry yourself sick over it.

If you checked your pulse during the vtach is it like very rapid beats in a row?
It just feels like flutter it was caught on my holter monitor. My doctor thinks my PVCs are adrenaline based because it increases with increased HR and beta blockers help the PVCs
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Also when your heart rate is elevated you’re more likely to have PACs rather than pvcs.
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Not sure if this will help but your thread sounds familiar...

I've recently been diagnosed with a condition called RVOT-VT, I get palpitations all day but just PVCs rather than a run, but then I get sustained VT during exercise or morespecifically, after I do an intense set of e.g. Burpees, my heart jumps into VT and my heart rate jumps and holds at approx 240-260bpm for up to 5 mins before dropping to a more normal rate. I've had PVCs for approx 15years, but VT during exercise for approx 4 years. I only started getting investigated this year though as had ignored it for ages, but they took me very seriously when I went this time.

It's important that if you have something like this that's it's diagnosed and managed. RVOT-VT presents itself initially the same way that a more serious condition called ARVD/C presents itself and I've been told they need to rule out ARVD in the first instance, this was done for me via an MRI scan.

Whilst a structurally normal heart experiencing VT is 'benign' it can cause issues and some people induce a reversible form of cardiomyopathy! Keep pushing, read up about RVOT-VT specifically search for 'idiopathic RVOT-VT' and see if that sounds familiar.

I've found just having a diagnosis has made me feel so much more at ease, knowing that I'm not crazy and not making it up.

Also, I would add that I went to the docs about my palpitations about 4 years ago, my GP fobbed me off saying I just had anxiety. It's interesting how many People with palpitations 'have anxiety' and I've found out that the condition can create the anxiety, rather than the other way around, as palpitations create an anxious feeling, which in turn make you rationalise it by blaming the feeling on anxiety, whereas it's just your heart acting up.

Hope this helps.
P.s. I'm 29, (was) very active until being diagnosed. I'm currently waiting for an ablation. I was originally diagnosed with WPW until my EP study when they triggered my VT. Because my heart rate goes so high and sustains, Im down as an urgent so hopefully will be fixed by the end of the summer!
Well it would make sense if I have that my PVCs are idiopathic in the right ventricle I have PVCs and v tach with increased HR but my doctor wants to just treat me with a beta blocker. Were you ever on beta blockers and did it help? I hope I don’t ARVD my heart has never been this bad I did intense sports when I was younger and never had episodes of passing out or irregular beats. I guess my heart has gotten to be very adrenaline sensitive and throws extra beats when my HR goes up. It’s sad because I am very depressed and have became suicidal over this. I don’t see the point in living like this my quality of life has greatly diminished because of these and all of my cardiologists don’t seem to care because I have a structurally normal heart. They won’t even do a MRI or a CT scan on me for some reason it’s like they just don’t care. I have even seen a EP and he doesn’t seem to care. He won’t even do an ablation until I get at least 20,000 PVCs a day.
Keep your chin up lovely, it's unlikely that you have ARVD based on the fact that you're only really getting it in exercise and how they self terminate. The good news is it's 'safe' in the sense that your heart can cope with it. Please don't fret too much, but don't let them fob you off with excuses. Keep pressurising them.

I was on beta blockers with my first diagnosis, but they actually made my palpitations worse so once they realised I had this other condition, they've not put me on anything. My advice has been to just not exercise until it's fixed, which is driving me nuts but it's temporary so I can cope.

I also did intense exercise from a young age, have never blacked out though or been close to it either. It's a very unpleasant sensation though. Where are you based?
Well I don’t get it just in exercise I get it every time I walk or my HR gets above 100. The beta blockers have reduced them because it’s blocked my HR from getting so high. I’ve always had tachycardia with a higher resting HR than usual but doctors were never concerned. The problem is the beta blockers don’t completely eliminate them and I will still get some PVCs and run of v tach just not as much as I was before. I’m in VA
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Is the VT sustained?  Has it be caught and confirmed on a Holter monitor? If yes, how often does it happen?
It’s nonsustained and happens when my HR goes up sometimes. I do get frequent PVCs whenever my Hr gets above 100
I'd say - do not worry - that's what I've learnt at the end.
I've been having huge issues too - my heart rate goes to 177 bpm at rest. It gradually increases, then gradually decreases. It lasts between 3-5 minutes but it has never been caught on an ECG or a Holter monitor.

I've had every test possible under the sun! I've wore like 5 holter monitor and never experienced an episode during Holter monitoring. Anyway, one of the Holters has caught a non-sustained VT - 3 PVCs in a row at 160 bpm, lasting 1 second.
I've seen 3 different electrophysiologist and they all said I shouldn't worry, because I have a structurally  normal heart. They do not even offer ablation. They said if they attached theirselves on an ECG they will probably experience it too.  I also experience many single PVCs.

Did they suggest an ablation procedure? Are you experiencing the NSVT at rest or while exercising? How often do they happen and have been recorded?

What did they actually say to you? What is the plan?

Regards! :)
Hey I only get frequent PVCs and NSVT and HR above 130 BPM. Doctors arent concerned at all. I can’t even walk up to my friends apartment on the 3rd floor without feeling like I’m going to drop dead because I’m
Throwing so many PVCs. I don’t understand how this is normal. When I was younger and exercised I never got PVCs with high HR I just don’t get why my heart is acting like this all of a sudden. The only change I can think of is weight gain but my heart is structurally normal. They don’t want to do an ablation on me.
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