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Any help on consistent heartbeat in stomach?

Hello all just looking for some insight or resolve.
24 yo 150lb 6’ white male i do drink beer and smoke cigarettes daily.

I’ve always had a weird stomach with bowels and gas, and my mother is the exact same way and worse some times. About 3 months ago I had severe stomach pain and light headedness, and went to the hospital. They did a precautionary CAT scan and didn’t find anything abnormal. Since then I have felt a constant heartbeat in my stomach 24/7. Get bad gas pain along with irregular bowel movements. Any insight?

Thought I might add the doctor I saw was incredibly dismissive and didn’t seem to GAF. I don’t think that would affect my care, but thought they could possibly miss Something
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There is the abdominal aorta that runs through there.  If you are thin and lay down, some people can even see their pulse there.  I don't think that your doctor doesn't give a big F but rather this is actually something we all have. It's disconcerting and fools a lot of people.  A lot of women aren't aware of it and think it is their babies heart beat when they start paying attention to that area.  You are not the first person fooled by it!  https://healthfully.com/can-feel-heartbeat-stomach-5673198.html
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Hello~I have had it, and I know the more I worry about it or think about it, the more I will feel it. It is normal as the abdominal aorta runs through that area and it of course has a beat. I would try not to worry, perhaps if you forget about it, you won't notice it as much.
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