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Any know if this this could be dangerous?

I’m 27 yrs old I’ve been diagnosed with hypertension and LVH of 1.5 thickness two years ago. Ive been on meds 3-4 different types for some time now at least 3-4 years recently this year I’ve been been getting really bad skipped beats, no pain(YET) associated but I get them frequently now like sometimes 20 a day. Some will be small others will be scary and feel like they take your breath....almost feels like a hard extra beat or missed beat. I’ve talked to my cardio once about this and he kind of shrugged it off like it’s no big deal if no pain ex.) but then I only had a couple a day now it’s like everyday and it’s only when I’m resting never when I workout. I do have a lower resting hr around 50-60, anyone else have this? It’s mainly when I’m resting and it’s a lot more frequent if I lay on my back or stomach....very uneasy
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Hello I’m 25 with frequent PVCs. If you are only getting 20 a day that’s nothing, most of the general population has a few a day...I think 75% a study said. I get thousands a day. If you are getting them at rest you should be okay. I would ask your doctor if you could have a holter monitor put on just to be safe.
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Thanks for your input on this situation and I can only imagine having as many as you do my friend. I didn’t realize people had that many normally...Hope all is well and I’ll check with him on my next visit to see what we should do.
No problem! Our hearts can handle PVCs pretty well, even those with heart conditions. They are quite scary though
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Just one additional comment:

> Some will be small others will be scary and feel like they take your breath....almost feels like a hard extra beat or missed beat.

This seems to be related to when in the cycle the premature beat happens.  The light thump means there wasn't a lot of extra blood in the heart where as the big thud is because it's got some extra in there.  Or at least that's my understanding of why they are at different intensities.
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Ok that’s great info and makes sense! Thanks
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