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Anyone else had this experience?

I am 44 and am recently having great trouble with tachycardia.
I am cardizem and nadolol but they arent helping.
I have problems all day with my heart rhythmn, also my HR waking me
at night, sleep for me is very little

I have heard that things like perimenopause can cause heart rhythmn problems.

Has anyone else has experience with this.

Thanks for any answers.
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Sorry I can't help with the core of your question, but I offer the suggestion that some numbers my be helpful.  How high is your rest HR.  Given you are on medication I assume you are under the care of a doctor for the condition, and should discuss any changes with the doctor.
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I was not diagnosed with SVT until I was in my 40's (2001) and I truly believe it had to do with hormone changes (perimenopause).  I was on digoxin for approximately 1-2 years and did not have any SVT's.  I was takenn off the meds and was SVT free until Nov. 08 when I was sick with gall bladder disease.  I have been on HRT since my late 40's and it helps me alot with my anxiety and sleeping.  My last SVT was in April 09 very short in duration after bending over after exercise (think it was an electrolyte issue).  I truly believe that hormones do have something to do with it.  I am better on the hormones.  
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Yes, I am perimenopausal and NEVER had health or heart issues til now. I found atenolol has helped me the most... tried alot of meds but this worked the best with least side effects.
My cardiologist said it often "appears" more in middle age woman...cause unknown.
I feel SO much better too after getting my hormones checked and going on bioidentical progesterone.  Maybe that is an idea for you to check out too.
Also get your thyroid checked. I was diagnosed hypothyroid and had tachycardia. My endo said most times you are Hyperthyroid, but she does have a few patients who are hypo and fast heart rate.
Good luck to you, I really understand what you are going thru and it is NOT fun!!
Get a good team of drs who listen to you and really try to help, not just push pills.
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I am in menopause, and there are times when my PAC's and PSVT really scare me. They seem especially prevalent before my period. I have a feeling I am going to skip this month, so, I must be really near menopause, but, I am getting the horrid irregulars again, so, I don't know. My doc wants me to do the basal temps to see if I am hypothyroid, I bet I am. Anyway, yes, I truly believe these are hormone related, I just wish I had a doc that would admit it. I get very angry at times at them.
I am so tired of being scared.
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Hi i have had terrible bouts of stv since in perimenapause,  it sent me to the hospital a few times, it s ares me so I do t leave the house any8, or drive
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