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Are frequent heart palpitations normal for an 18 year old female?

Hi, I’m 18 years old and I have recently started getting frequent heart palpitations, I’m concerned as this happens a lot and they only last a few seconds but it’s like a fluttering feeling that goes to my throat.
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It is a normal abnormal. It sounds like pvc or pacs. Feeling them is abnormal. Most people get some from time to time and never feel them. Some people get a lot of them. Then there are the unlucky ones like me and you that feel them. I started feeling them at age 25. They are usually benign but it would not be a bad idea to talk to a doctor about them and getting a 24 or 48 hour holiter moniter to see exactly what is going on.  A ekg and echocardiogram might be a good idea to make sure your heart is structurally normal and if all that checks out normal they are usually benign and something you just have to live with. Hope this helps and hope you feel better.
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This helped a lot!! I have a pulse checker on my Apple Watch and my resting heart rate stays between 80-94 but then when I get a palpitation it goes to 130. I’ll make an appointment with my doctor!
Yeah pulse rate going up after a pvc is a normal response to a pvc. It is called heart rate turbulence and from a article I read  it is a good thing to go up
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