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Are there people who never experience PVCs or other ectopics?

I watched a video on YT that mentioned a drug study where a number of "apparently healthy" individuals were given a 24 hour Halter monitor exam.  It found that about 30% had at least one PAC and about 40% had at lest one PVC.  It also mentioned that less than 3% had couplets and less than 0.5% had NSVT.  It got me wondering, if you were to monitor these people for 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and if it were possible, an entire year, 10 years, etc.. would there be any individuals that experienced NO ectopic beats whatsoever?  

I assume this would be impossible in general, but what if you restricted your study to only people under 30 years old?  Or people under 25 years old?      
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I never experienced PVCs until I started experiencing them 6 years ago (I feel every single PVC so I would have noticed if I had). I'm not sure about PACs though. I don't always feel them so I might have had very infrequent PACs before.
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Its unlikely that you never had them. Feeling them is a totally different matter though. I guess many on this forum are listening into their body (unconsciously or not) way too much.
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