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Are you 100% Ablated with pacemaker

Looking for persons who are 100% Ablation and reliant on pacing devices. Please respond,. . .  Lets compare notes . . . seems hard to find and talk to others in this same boat. I am 15 months in this condition and wondering if there are any others living semi normal lives.
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Hi.  I have experience with this procedure.  I had one after having 4 ablations for AFib and AFlutter.  My AVJ (av node) was performed in March 2009.  It was the best decision I have made and I would do it all over again.  I had just turned 60 when I went through the procedure.  I already had a pacer so I did not have to have one implanted at the time.  I have since had the pacer switched out as it was time to do so.  I am 100% paced and have very little difficulty doing anything I wish to do.  I sail on the San Francisco Bay, go to the gym, walk, etc and have no probs.  I got my first pacer in my early 50s but I know folks who got them in their 20s.  I am off all meds except for coumadin.  I do still have AFib but my pacer beats like the dickens to pace me out of AFib and does a great job doing so.  I used to feel every AFib event and every PAT, PAC etc.  Now I rarely feel the arrhythmia.  That is good for me.  I have energy and have my life back.  My only regret is that I didn't do this procedure much earlier.
  It took me about 5 months to make the decisions to go ahead with the procedure. I was tired of feeling crappy so I saw that the benefits far outweighed the risks.  Life is good.
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if you don't find alot with pm's on here google pacemaker or icd support groups and see if you can find a more specific group like http://www.icdsupportgroup.org/board/  I know alot of us there have pm/icd combo's and some are 100%

good luck
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