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Arryhthmia and presyncope

I have had ectopic beats for many years and was told they were harmless. Then about 4 years ago my heart did a flip flop very strongly and I had a holter monitor fitted and although I didn't have the same symptoms it recorded runs of tachycardia and I had an ablation 3 years ago. The ectopic beats continued but then a few months ago I had other rhythm disturbances and they did the holter and am told I have bradycardia and tachycardia. Then recently my heart did the flip flop again but everything started to go black. They are taking this seriously and I have had a Reveal recorder implanted and am so scared that I can't cope. Has anyone else here had these symptoms?
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Sorry no one with a similar experience has read you post and responded.

I did read about your fear and I understand:  "been there, done that" for other symptoms, including open heart surgery.  So the tie I'll try to make, is stay positive, convince yourself you and your doctors are going to beat this problem.  You've already gone through serious treatment procedures and there may be more to go.  

"Hang in there", you'll make it, you'll get better.
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sorry I've been kind of out of it a bit lately, I missed your post

yes it sounds familiar and I had a tilt table test for my fainting/blackouts (I posted on other message you did and sent you a pm) results were positive - I have a disorder of the autonomic nervous system (part of the central nervous system)

maybe mention this to your dr?
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Lisa 33167 - can I ask what disorder you have? I think an autonomic nervous system disorder is the most likely explanation for my heart/bp/other symptoms but I don't know where to begin with trying to figure out which one or if that's even the case. TIA...

Spearoleo - best of luck and do post with an update once you've had your monitor results back! I can say that my heart does a very scary sort-of-flip-flop where it feels like it stops, then starts again with an adrenaline rush. I have not actually fainted or anything yet and this has happened intermittently for 3 years, so hopefully both of us are fine and this is just something that happens.

I know it is hard not to worry but I think of it like this: I could go out tomorrow and get hit by a bus and die instantly, so why worry about anything that may or may not happen until I have more info? Easier said than done, though :)
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I have Dysautonomia which is a broad term that describes any disease or malfunction of the autonomic nervous system - there's alot of branches off of that.

In my reports it says I have a disorder of The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) associated With Orthostatic Intolerance and classic symptoms of neurocardiogenic syncope (NCS) with cardioinhibitory and vasodepressor responses.

Wundergecko have you have a Tilt Table test? that and symptoms is how I got my diagnosis.  
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Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your response - gives me some terminology to look into. I've never actually fainted so thus far syncope isn't an issue for me thank goodness, but for the past three years I've had apparently random fluctuations in BP, digestion, heart rate, palps, etc. Sometimes I do feel faint standing up, whereas other times my BP is alarmingly high for my age, etc (26, never smoked, not overweight). I've not had a tilt table test...my GP thinks I'm just suffering from subconscious anxiety (I disagree!).

I am American but have had generally good experiences w/ the NHS here in England (gov't healthcare CAN be done right, although I would have been the very last to believe it), so I may go back to him and ask for more investigations.
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Sounds kinda similar to me but not quite..... After wearing a 21 day heart monitor on two separate occasions, I have been told I have palpitations and bradycardia. I've had several episodes of what I feel are psvt but they have never been caught on the monitors. I'm due for an EP Study on 16 October.

In the past, before I suffered any palpitations or "extra beats" I had a few episodes where I would be standing, like at a concert or waiting in line for a long time, and I fainted. I can slowly feel it coming on and if I don't get seated I will faint. I don't feel anything unusual heart-wise during times when I faint. I've asked about the Tilt Table Test and doctors have said not to have that but to have the EP Study first.
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Just come across your comments.  I had an ablation two years ago and recently started having pre-syncope.  I have been through so many tests and next week I am having the TILT test.  Yes, it is quite frightening when these episodes happen and afterwards feel so tired.  I am being positive and know they will put me right.  Keep smiling.
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