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Atrial Flutters, but report is not adding up. Please help!

Hey everyone,

I am going to try and keep this as short as possible.

I was on Diltiazem for around 6 years because of my nerves (severe panic disorder), but I came off of it a few months ago. I started noticing these terrible feelings in my chest, which felt like a bubble of adrenaline and it was horrible. So I went to my cardiologist and after running a Holter monitor test, he said they couldn't find anything.

Being mad that the flutters didn't happen on this test, I decided to have the test again, but this time I was going to provoke them. I ate pizza, ice cream, etc. Anything to bring these flutters on so that my doctor actually believes me.

That night was rough, but the flutters were recorded. The test results don't seem to make sense to me. If I had atrial flutters, why only 1 event recorded for the supratraventricular area?

I just received the results, which I will share here:


Important information:

I have mild aortic stenosis and regurgitation, I have a managed under-active thyroid, severe panic disorder since I was 3, and am always stressed. I am quite overweight (280lb and only 5'7).
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