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I was just told I have tachycardia. Ok. Well I also Am taking Lisinprol for High Blood pressure. I suffer from depression already and do not want t to take To prop. Everything I have read scared me. Yes My resting heart Rate is high, but taking something that could really mess with my depression is not what I want. I have Left Bundle Branch Block and have to have a Heart Cath. To make sure no blockages, but I wasn't having angina or heart palpitations or anything like that at all. I was so scared when they dis the stress test that of coarce my heart rate was up. Resting or not....so thank you for the heads up. I will not take this stuff no way
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What kind of Tachycardia do you have? Tachycardia is any heart rate over 100. If it's just sinus Tachycardia, I probably wouldn't worry much.

What medication are you referring to that you don't want to take?
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Are you talking about a beta blocker? I mean if your heart rate is always high you may need it and they treat high blood pressure. The benefits usually out weight the risks.
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The others have said it. However it can not be overstated..

If you have concerns about your meds you need to make it a priority to contact your physician ASAP and tell him precisely your concerns to include your lack of desire to take the medication.

This type of unfiltered honesty is necessary in order for the physician to better explain the pros and cons of the management strategy.

One one hand, if your condition is bad enough to be a life-or-death type of problem; give them a chance to convince you.

However if your condition is NOT that type of problem; then calling your doctor and expressing your concerns is an opportunity to explore alternate treatment strategies until you find one you’re comfortable with!
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