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Baking soda and lemon juice

This question is for Ted from Thailand.  Or any doctor or nutritionist that has time to answer.   How often can I take the baking soda and lemon juice mixture??  I have begun that regiment once a day so far, increased my magnesium, and 2 tbs black strap molasses as well.  I have completely stopped taking my propranolol.  The pvc's are fewer, but not completely gone.  Everyone on here suggests that I start the ACV regiment as well, however, I am a little worried that the ACV will just make the pvc's worse because I had that reaction to flax seed a few weeks ago and thought I might die!!  LOL  I am determined to find the right combination to cure this aggravating condition, and would greatly appreciate any advice!!  I stopped the propranolol because it was dropping my blood pressure too low.  I recently quit smoking, stopped all caffeine and limit my sugar intake.  Thanks for your time and input!!
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Try one of the Expert Forums to get in touch with a doctor or a nutritionist. MedHelp have forums for both heart diseases and questions regarding nutrition.

You find the Expert Forums by selecting "Forums" -> Doctor Forums -> (forums on the right side of the menu). Most of them are free.
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Thanks!!  =)
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