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Best Pacemaker?


My brother needs a pacemaker for a bradycardia problem (heart rhythm too low). The doctor proposed the implantation of a pacemaker produced by a company called Sorin Group; I've searched on the web for information about this company and if their products can be considered "the best abailable" on the market. I know that they are FDA approved so they're safe, however given that it must be put in my brother's body for lot of time (hopefully long time...) I'd like to see also other opinion/experiences/etc...


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I looked into it because I understand some of the doctors he's a little Kickback I'm not saying it's wrong or they really do but I understand if they put in a certain product and sell it to the insurance company there is some compensation for him that shouldn't be wrong I don't know if it's right just like all the pills I tried to sell it or try to prescribed
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I understand the leader and pacemakers is one I just got about a year ago maybe a year-and-a-half I guess but we looked into the best on the market and the best for the batteries and it was Boston Scientific was a premium pacemaker it's a Time nothing any better anywhere that is what I was told that is what we found out and that is what I have the 2-wire
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