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Beta Blockers and Asthma

I have asthma as well as PAC's and PVC's.
I had a heart cath, ECG, stress test and my cardiologist has assured me that my PAC's and PVC's are benign.
But he wants to put me on Lorpresor and I have read that BB should not be used in people with asthma. I have had asthma since I was born, it is much miler now but it's still with me.
So. my thoughts are that perhaps I shouldn't take the Lorpressor. I am currently talking Verapamil but it isn't helping o he wants to change me to Lorpresor.
As far as I know my resting heart rate is 75-80, and my BP is usually around 116/68.
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I can only conclude you had this discussion with your cardiologist and he doesn't see any problem in taking BB when the patient has asthma.  If you're looking for "official" answers you should be able to get a professional opinion from your Pharmacist - and you can and should always read the full use, caution, and side-effects document provided with the prescription.  You should be able to get that information on-line/web as well..

Back to my opinion, no problem, but a good idea to watch for any symptoms whenever you start a new medication.
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Perhaps it's a physician's choice whether to prescribe a BB in a patient with asthma. I also have mild asthma (only use my inhaler a few times a year and have a bad episode requiring a nebulizer once a year or so). But my cardio chose not to give me beta blockers. Maybe there's very little risk if asthma is mild but like Jerry said it's always a good idea to watch for problems when starting a new med of any kind.
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I too have asthma and PVC's.  I am on a betablocker and have not had any problems...many betablockers, including metoprolol work to block the beta receptors responsible for your heart but do not have as great an effect on the ones responsible for your lungs.  Not to say that you may not have problems.  Essentially the beta blocker can be more effective than harmful to you.  I was told that I may have some increased shortness of breath while on the beta blocker, but, if the beta blocker was working well to treat my PVCs than it would be easier to treat the shortness of breath using an emergency inhaler...I have been on the beta blocker about 9 months and I have not had any shortness of breath related to the medication.  I hope this helps you... :)
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Hey there, I just started taking a beta blocker for pvc's about 3 weeks ago. I have asthma, mild though. I run and play basketball a lot and I have noticed no problems at all so for. I'm on metoprolol which as was said in a prior post is supposed to just focus on the cardio system. I was pretty hesitant to try the beta blocker because of my asthma but it hasn't caused any problems with me so far. Good luck!
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Hmmm tough choice.  As long as the beta blocker is Beta1 selective, meaning it doesnt interfere with Beta2 then it should be ok.  Beta2 is the one that deals with the smooth muscles in your airways.

In any case, to be on the safe side I would consult with a pulmonologist.  They can examine your asthma indept and give you a better recommendation.

Nothing like trying to treat a patient with status asthmaticus who has been taking beta blockers that block albuterol too.......can we say ventilator?
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