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Better or worse than SVT?

I was diagnosed with SVT.  Then, I had multiple episodes of SVT where my hr would go from normal to 200s, then down to 30s or 40s in seconds.  This occurred several times a minute for several hours.  The ER put me on a Holter monitor.  It said I had sinus bradycardia down to 43 bmp and sinus tachycardia to 144 bpm.  I also had ventricular bigemeny, trigemeny, and couplets without ventricular tachycardia.  So, are the new arrythmias better or worse than the SVT?  Is the treatment the same?  I'm on 50mg Mepropolol twice daily.  And, is it normal that my BP has actually RISEN on this medication?  It used to be "normal", but now runs in the 140s over 40s.  
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I have the same thing and was treated with the ablation and still have these issues. I'm interested in the meds that your on, I was told to treat stress and that they dont treat slow heart rates only fast one's by ablation or meds.
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Unfortunately, having more types of arrhythmia is never better than having fewer.  Sorry to hear about that.  

In a structurally normal heart, ventricular trigeminy, bigeminy and couplets are not deemed life threatening.  Most likely there would be no treatment needed for that.  However, if you were on your medications while you had these SVT episodes, it sounds to me like the SVT is not controlled yet; you may want to discuss an increase in dosage or a different medication.
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