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Bigeminy Heart Beat 44% of the time

Bit of History:
After my last son was born c-section my heart rhythm changed to a primarily bigeminy heartbeat. I wasn't sure if I needed to see a cardiologist and I had so much anxiety and adhd affecting my executive functioning skills that I didn't contact a doctor until he was about 5 years old. I didn't have symptoms except that I would have to take deep breaths once in a while while resting and my resting heart rate would show 36bpm, which freaked me out a bit. When I finally had it checked, the 2 day heart monitor showed that 44% of my heart beats were PVC's. They suggested an ablation, which sounded super scary, but I did end up doing it. It helped. It's been 8 years since the ablation and have had a few halter monitor tests that showed between 10-17% PVC's. I guess 15-20% is kind of the cut off for suggesting another ablation.

It recently for whatever reason feels a little worse. I think it's because I haven't been sleeping well, which causes inflammation, which can contribute to the problem. My yearly check up was yesterday and they suggested another 2 day heart monitor test and echocardiogram after the EKG showed that I had bigeminy heartbeat for the duration of the EKG.

I'm a 41 year old female in good shape. Limit my caffeine and alcohol. They did a stress test about 3 years ago and it showed that the bigeminy heart beat went away when I exercised, which is good since I play a lot of tennis and pickleball.

The doctor said to start taking magnesium, which I already did, so I decided to up the dose a little. I hope that will help at least a little. He said he may want to put me on a beta-blocker. I'm concerned because I usually have slightly low blood pressure, but when I went in yesterday it was 110/70 so that is pretty normal. Can anyone tell me about their experience of being on a low dose beta blocker? Did it cause any side adverse side affects? Has anyone had a high-ish amount of bigeminy heart beats similar to mine and had a low dose beta blocker fix the problem?

Has anyone had success taking supplements like taurine or d-ribose? My heart and body are currently are healthy outside of this. I would so love and appreciate hearing other experiences. I would love to avoid another ablation. It's a relatively minor procedure I guess, but I hate messing around with surgeries and things in general.
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