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Can Lisinopril Cause Pulse To Increase

I have been taking Lisinopril for 2 years and since then my resting heart rate is between 90-100. Here recently though after I take Lisinopril it has jumped to 130 when walking 100 when resting. I take Lisinopril in the morning and my pulse jumps but at night it gos back to being okay (Lisinopril's half life is 12 hours). I haven't taken today because I was out but my resting pulse is 90 and when I went to WalMart it went no higher than 110 unlike 140 yesterday. I am a 24 overweight male 5'4" 190 and I am out of shape. I was taking supplements with the Lisinopril (Fish Oil, Coq10, Vitamin C, Folic Acid) and my heart rate was actually normal for 5 months but I stopped taking them after I encountered Gastritis (deemed later viral). I have 7 EKG's done even when my pulse shot up to 160 last week and all Sinus Tach. Cardiac Enzyme test was normal and chest Xray showed no enlarged heart or arteries. My cholesterol is also slight elevated. MY bp off the Lisinopril is 145/85 and I see a cardiologist for the first time on Wednesday is it safe for me not to take the Lisinopril till then? MY kidneys are also fine and my Liver. Why would Lisinopril cause the Tach and then sudden increase. Asked a Pharmacist and he said that it is a downplayed side effect of Ace Inhibitors that it does happen.

My Blood Pressure has been around normal all day the highest is 135/80 when I eat and my pulse is around 90-100 now 3rd day off of Lisinopril.
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the full prescribing info says it is a side effect:

so it looks like you do have the rare hypersensitivity, and that can speed your heart up

btw, it also has there a warning about eicosanoids, which relates to fish oil

if the drug is mostly washed out by now and your BP hasn't risen, then maybe it's not doing you any good anyway
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I've had the same issue with the lisinopril. Fast pulse (resting around 88, 2-3 hours after exercise about 100).  I also take clonidine (Catapres) which definitely slows my heart rate down.

The first recommendation I would have is for you to lose some weight. Best way I can think of doing this is at a gym. Work with a personal trainer, and start out slowly, perhaps on a treadmill. Other recommendation I have is to reduce your portion sizes during meal times.  If it's in your budget, try something like NutriSystem.

Good luck!
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My wife and I are in our mid-60 (geez, I hate saying that!), and both of us have mild hypertension.  My wife takes Lisinopril while I take Metoprolol.  I originally took the beta blocker to SLOW my nocturnal pulse which I would awaken to nearly every evening.  It turned out my elevated pulse (approximately 120 bpm)was due to severe obstructive sleep apnea.  Once that was corrected, we noticed that the beta blocker had a positive effect on my blood pressure.  It was nice and low.  So I've continued on it for nearly 10 years now.  While Metoprolol is no longer a front line medication for hypertension, it is nonetheless extremely effective for me, and I have typically a 60 bpm resting pulse. It's also literally pennies per dose as well.  The downside to this beta blocker is that depending on the dose, it can take a bit longer to get a resting pulse up to workout levels.  Mine doesn't respond as quickly and requires a bit more warming up than before.
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Can lisinopril lower your heart rate I’m 27 and I take metropolor tarted I take it for a fast heart rate I had gone to a cardiologist and they did test and said my heart was fine just a fast heart rate which I gotten when I was pregnant so any who I ran out of meds and I remember I want to urgent care along time ago and they gave me lisinopril but idk for what but can this lower my heart ❤️ rate
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I'm in the same position. I was given lisinopril for hypertension and since I've been taking my resting bpm avg 85 and reach 100 and over while eating, after eating, and just doing stuff around the home. This also can be accompanied by blurred vision, fatigue, muscle weakness, indigestion and flatulence. These are all of my symptoms.
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