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Can RVOT PVCs cause VT and AF ?

,,  PVCs originating from the RVOT have been associated with malignant ventricular arrhythmias. The ability of frequent PVCs originating from a focal source in triggering idiopathic ventricular fibrillation (VF) in seemingly normal hearts was first reported by Haissaguerre et al. (18) '''

Could this be right ?  I was trying my best to ignore them the last couple of days but reading scares me to death . :( can idopathic PVCs cause life threatning arrythmias  ?

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From my rather extensive reading, but certainly not extensive knowledge, it appears that the occurrence of PVCs in a healthy heart is different than PVCs in one that may be compromised. I realize what the study says, seemingly normal hearts, but when was it published. Normal in 1960 may be abnormal today due to enhanced diagnostic procedures. Plus, for the vast majority of PVC sufferers, a trip to the mall is far more likely to cause serious harm than PVCs, yet we think nothing of venturing out in the car. In addition, all people experience PVCs at one time or another, most never feel them, they would be no more protected against the phenomenon you described simply because they can't feel them.

You seem to be quoting from something that may be published on the National Institutes of Health web site. They are a clearinghouse for information, but I've seen studies published there that were exactly opposite in their findings.
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Lucas, step back!

You are into the literature, which is a good thing in general, but you have to take it in context, and in context, you are at very little risk.

I don't intend to demean your worry, but you simply must consider the context, and the context is that you are a healthy young person.

I strongly suggest counseling, for this whole business needs to be put into perspective.
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I've done a lot research over the years.   Benign PVCs originating in the RVOT are rather common and do not have any prognostic value.  This means they are not predictive of anything in a heart that otherwise checks out OK.
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