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Can Sinus Bradycardia get better on it own?

I had posted this question in the Heart Disease forum but then I thought it would be better here...

I was diagnosed with Sinus bradycardia two years ago, I had no symptoms except slow heart beat.  As low as 37 BPM when sleeping.  With exercise it would go up to 120 or so.  My Doctor suggested a pacemaker...I declined at the time because of not having any symptoms.  Anyway, about a month ago after some some exhausting work building a wall in my yard I came into my house.  I was quite thirsty and drank several glasses of water, I was also worn out.  After laying down for several minutes I noticed that my heart was still beating pretty fast.  It stayed higher than normal all night.   I called my Doctor the next day and she gave me a EKG, the results said normal sinus rhythm. My heart rate on my original EKG two years ago was 44 BPM on this one it was 58BPM  The Doctor then gave me a 48 hr. Holter test.  Again the same results, normal sinus rhythm and higher heart rates (60BPH average).  Why would I no longer have Sinus Bradycardia but just a littler slower than normal resting heartbeat.  My Heart Doctor gave me the impression that Sinus Bradycardia would not get better...
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