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Can Sinus Bradycardia get better on it own?

I had posted this question in the Heart Disease forum but then I thought it would be better here...

I was diagnosed with Sinus bradycardia two years ago, I had no symptoms except slow heart beat.  As low as 37 BPM when sleeping.  With exercise it would go up to 120 or so.  My Doctor suggested a pacemaker...I declined at the time because of not having any symptoms.  Anyway, about a month ago after some some exhausting work building a wall in my yard I came into my house.  I was quite thirsty and drank several glasses of water, I was also worn out.  After laying down for several minutes I noticed that my heart was still beating pretty fast.  It stayed higher than normal all night.   I called my Doctor the next day and she gave me a EKG, the results said normal sinus rhythm. My heart rate on my original EKG two years ago was 44 BPM on this one it was 58BPM  The Doctor then gave me a 48 hr. Holter test.  Again the same results, normal sinus rhythm and higher heart rates (60BPH average).  Why would I no longer have Sinus Bradycardia but just a littler slower than normal resting heartbeat.  My Heart Doctor gave me the impression that Sinus Bradycardia would not get better...
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I don't know much about bradycardia but would not think it would go away on it's own.  That said, I think our hearts can be more tired at times or be affected by other things so our rate isn't always going to be exactly the same.  The heart is a muscle and it sounds like you work pretty hard.  Maybe it was low after a lot of work and was just a bit 'tired' like any other muscle in your body would be.  Considering you weren't having any symptoms of distress like chest pain or difficulty breathing due to the slow heart rate I think it was wise to wait on a pacemaker as they need to be maintained the rest of your life.  So I wouldn't stress too much but just keep an eye on your symptoms.  If you start to notice you are having frequent respiratory distress then that may signal it is time to get a pacemaker.  Otherwise try to not hyper focus on your heart.  Sounds like you keep it in perspective.  Take care.
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