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Can a holter monitor miss NSVT even if it happened in the 48hr time that I had it?

So as you can see from my question I wore a 48hr holter monitor. I am so sure I felt a run of some short while I was wearing it but tge doctor said I only had simple unifocal pvcs. I just can't believe that I didn't have a run because I felt it. Could the holter not pock ot up? Or am I being super hypochondriac right now?
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If you truly experienced NSVT during the 48h period of Holter monitoring - there is no way the Holter, neither the doctor would've missed that.
Relax, you've probably felt something completely irrelevant.
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Thanks. I think I'm starting to overeact a bit here. They just scare me so much. The possibility that I may have NSVT terrifies me
I've experienced NSVT caught on a monitor a while ago. 3 PVCs in a row (which I didn't even feel). Naturally it terrified me and I thought I would drop dead any minute. I went to 3 different cardiologist & 3 different electrophysiologist and neither of them were concerned at all. I was begging them to perform a MRI to ease up my mind but they refused as they said my resting ECGs, Holters & Stress Tests did NOT indicate a single reason to do so. I also had a perfect results of my echocardiogram. So, in structurally normal heart, experiencing NSVT is not that dangerous as it may sound. Don't overthink it, you didn't even experience that. Do not focus on that as it might ruin your life. Just forget about it and live your life :)
Thank you so much. You're right I should just stop worrying about it. It wasn't even NSVT according to my doctor so I don't know why I'm so fixated on it. I'll try to relax and forget about it. Thank you again :)
You are more than welcome :)
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