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Can you temporarily increase the dosage of your beta blocker?


I've been taking bisoprolol in a very small dosage (2.5mg/day) and it's working fine so far.

Anyway, I noticed that it is a little less efective by the evening and night, but usually that's just ok, as I am sleeping or going to sleep soon.

But in the next few weeks I am going to have some stressful days, many plane trips, many check-ins and check-outs on hotels and many business meetings, so I was thinking if it's ok to take 2.5mg in the morning and again 2.5 after dinner for 10 days and then return to the normal dosage.

I know some people who take bisoprolol exactly like this, but everyone is different and I'm not sure what effect it can have on me.

I did this before, but just occasionally, I mean for 1 or 2 days. Never 10 in a row.

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I forgot to mention I take it just to reduce the PVCs
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It's really not advisable to alter your medications without speaking with your doctor first.  Tell them your situation and see what they think.  I would suspect an extra dose would be fine but 10 days seems like a lot to me, but again, you should get advice on medications from a professional.  It could do more harm than good.    
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Most of us with SVT carry an emergency pill or part of a pill to take if needed. My doctor says I can take extra if needed. So it's generally safe but you still should ask your doctor about it because all cases are different. Generally speaking, it's safe but you should ask your doctor and see what he or she suggests.
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