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Catheter ablation surgery scheduled on the 1st of September - nervous

Hi all! I have been reading so many posts on this website getting some comfort, but as the procedure gets closer I am freaking out a bit. I was born premature - 2 months early and had SVT as a baby. I outgrew it until a year ago when it came back with palpitations. My first attack happened at work out of no where from a resting heart rate to 190. My electrophysiologist said he thinks it is Atrial Tachycardia.
I have full trust in him and am not worried about him messing anything up. More nervous on the procedure and I will be awake with mild sedation which I have never had before. I am just looking for some advice on how to calm my nerves down and any experiences. T
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I had an extensive answer written foe you, but I lost it due to a fault in the website.  So let me suggest that you search for a user called Jannie411.  She has written a great journal that may be helpful to you.
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Here's a direct link to Jannie411:
Thank you!
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