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Constantly Feeling Pulse throughout my body

Hey guys

I've been seeing a doctor for the past few months now due to anxiety and some pretty serious symptoms, or what we thought was "anxiety"....

Since the end of April I started to feel my heartbeat or pulse throughout my body, head, fingers, when I'm laying down etc and it has got progressively worse since then I've had 2 episodes of full SVT and in the ER a few times with normal Tachycardia.

My resting pulse fluctuates between 85-120 and jumps around every couple of seconds it really is quite scary

I've thought I've been close to a heart attack or stroke a few times now

I'm having a 72hr holter monitor test this weekend and I'm on a waiting list to see a cardiologist 1st of august

My main concern is this constant feeling of my pulse and the vibrations... has anyone experienced this before?

If so what did it turn out to be?
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Hard to say for sure.  I could be a heart rhythm issue or it could be caused by something outside the heart like an issue with your electrolyte levels or a problem with your autonomic nervous system.  You could have a fixable SVT or a condition like POTS that needs to be managed.  I would wait to see what the holter monitor and cardiologist have to say before letting your imagination run away with you.  Until then make sure you are well hydrated and eating proper.  Avoid caffeine and try to calm your breathing when you notice symptoms to keep them from getting worse from adrenaline.  It can take a while to get all the tests completed so try to be patient and let us know what happens.  Take care and hang in there.  You will get through this.
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