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Could this be Heart related?

For the past few years I have been experiencing horrible abdominal pain. I have had every GI test done under the sun and all results have come back inconclusive. I've learn to deal with this and just move on; however, lately I've been experiencing different symptoms and am wondering if all this could be tied into an underlying heart issue...

I'm a pretty stressed person, but have never had anxiety issues to say the least. Lately, out of nowhere, my heart will start racing and I will become engulfed in this complete 'panicked state' - unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It felt like my adrenaline level would randomly skyrocket and I just wanted to bolt. I don't recall feeling particular nervous at the time or even during the episode....it's more like an excited rush as if I was competing in a sprint race.

Another thing that's been happening lately is when I yawn, I tend to black out a bit and feel a little faint - like when you stand up too fast, only in all cases of this happening to me, I've been sitting...

On top of those issues I have also been experiencing what feels like my heart fluttering.... it's not a consistent thing, It beats normally and every once in a while feels jumpy. Sometimes it also feel like it'll thump extra hard for a beat or two... I have also been feeling completely worn out - not overtired, but in the sense like I over exerted myself. I have also been feeling winded from walking up the stairs. My heart starts to beat quickly and I tend to take long deep breaths. I am an athletic 23 year old and am in amazing shape - this should NOT be happening!

I have also felt a dull pressure under my left breast area - it's not pain, just discomfort...

I figured that this could all be a stress-related issue since most of the worse symptoms occurred a few weeks before final exams; however, now that I have had time off to relax, I am not feeling better like I expected I would; I'm feeling worse and the symptoms seem to occur more frequently.

I have been battling an off and on sinus cold, so for all I know, this could all be related to a simple chest cold...

I'm wondering if ALL of this could indeed be related to an underlying heart issue and if anyone has ever experienced something similar.
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At your young age and stated athletic condition it would be indeed very unusual for you to have any heart problems.  Unusual, yes, impossible, no.  You didn't mention any checkups by a heart specialist, or at least a primary care looking specifically at your heart, for example doing an electrocardiogram.  

It sounds to me like you should discuss your collection of symptoms with a doctor with emphasis on the new heart symptoms.

I hope you can find some cure for the abdominal pain too.
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It seems you have classical panic attacks and possible some generalized anxiety too, driving your adrenaline levels higher throughout the day and causing exercise intolerance, high heart rate on low efforts, etc.

The skipped beats are probably benign PACs or PVCs that we all have, they tend to increase with high stress levels or anxiety.

However, I think you should get a checkup on your heart, just to make sure. To say something else would be irresponsible :)

I hope you have ruled out a (fairly benign) condition where your stomach push up against your chest (I have no idea what this condition is named in English, abdominal hernia or something, thanks Google translate), that can cause the sensation you feel, and can also push a little on your heart, causing it to beat faster with somewhat less contraction force due to a little lack of space.

If this is related to a cold, it would be responsible of your doctor to take an ECG and some blood tests (and if necessary an echocardiography) just to completely rule out myocarditis (though you 99,9% certainly don't have this condition).

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Thank you for your reply.

I haven't been seen by a doctor about these sudden/new issues yet. I have made an appointment with my primary physician for a checkup later this week, although she seemed a bit hesitant in taking me in,  becausebelieves that it is nothing too serious since I had my yearly physical this past February and all checked out great...

I realized I haven't given a quick bio of myself:
I'm a 23 yro female. Very active and athletic. I was born a bit prematurely, but everything developed properly and I never had any issues steaming from that. Never had any major past health concerns, except for a very mild allergy-induced asthma which I outgrew and and have not had symptoms of that in years and year...

Heart disease is common in my family, but it has only effected family members when they became very elderly. My father was born with a heart defect - he has a mummer (not genetic) and has had a procedure to fix a slight stress crack in his heart. He hasn't had any issues since then...

I read a few studies about how stomach pain could be a symptom of heart trouble and since none of my issues are going away or getting any better for that fact... I'm wondering if indeed this could all be related...

(I'm very concerned - I'll have to see what my doctor says...)
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I really hope I didn't scare you with my answer...

I know it was a bit direct and I'm NOT suggesting you have any inflammations in your heart - but it's always best to be on the completely safe side!
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Thank you for your reply also.

Yes, I literally had every test done on my Stomach and GI tract and absolutely nothing was found. The only conclusion that doctors made regarding that was that I have chronic gastroenteritis - an inflammation of my stomach wall, but they are unsure what is causing/has caused it. No bacteria, no stomach virus, no heart burn or reflux, no ulcers or hernias..all of my internal organs seem to be located in their appropriate places in my body.... they just don't know, but it is a physical aliment.

At first I too believed I was having panic attacks. I have never had anxiety issues before, but have always had a pretty high stress level. I just figured all of that stress was finally catching up with me and going overboard, especially since it was final exam time, but I'm not sure if this really is an anxiety issue now... I have been home on summer break for a while now, don't have much going on and my symptoms are getting worse. I don't feel particular nervous or anxious, but I'm still feeling like I'm getting these palpitations and they have been becoming more intense and occur more often these past few days. As I have mentioned, I am very athletic and pretty much at my peak fitness-wise, but lately I feel like I can barely walk out of my room in the morning.... walking up and down stairs leaves my heart racing and me completely winded - any physical activity, even talking to someone, leaves me feeling like that to some degree. Even when I'm doing the things I love doing, I still feel all this... I figured if it was anxiety, I wouldn't so much feel it when I'm the most comfortable...

I'm not too familiar with heart issues or tests performed to test for said issues... My doctor is one of those that doesn't like to dig deep so to speak. If there are no surfacing issues, she pretty much just shrugs whatever it is off; you have to demand a lot to get her to refer you to a specialist or for any tests :-/

Is there anything I should ask for specifically if she doesn't bring anything up?
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Haha! No, don't worry about it, you did not scare me.

Any insight or possibility is very much appreciated and I'll be sure to ask about that at my appointment.

Thank you.
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I got rushed in for my doctor's appointment early after a pretty 'bad spell.' this morning  I was feeling pretty well, but while I was applying some makeup I blacked out again and my heart started pounding like a jackhammer.

At the doctor's office - things went alright. Lungs are clear, sinuses seem good, so probably not related to a cold. My blood pressure was high- 156/98 while I was sitting. After told to stand up and walk around it went to 162/96... After being left to relax for awhile, I was still very tachy when they came to check on me so I had an EKG done, which yielded abnormal results, but nothing too serious at the moment that would get me thrown into the hospital, so I guess that's good.

I have an appointment next week to get a 24-hr monitor and an Echo... so we'll see....
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