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Could you help me understand these results? 19year old male

Sinus Rhythm With Marked Sinus Arrhythmia
Boarderline Right Axis Deviation
Possible Right Ventricular Conductor Delay
Moderate ST Depression
Abnormal ECG
at 5:26:09PM

Vent. Rate  68BPM
PR int:  143ms
QRS dur: 120 ms
QT/QTc: 371/389ms
P-R-T axes: 42 92 58
Avg. RR 871 ms
QTcB: 397ms
QTcF: 388ms

at 5:28:14PM
Vent.Rate: 63BPM
PR Int: 130ms
QRS dur: 122ms
QT/ QTc: 376/384ms
P-R-T axes: 28 92 58
Avg.RR: 940ms
QTcB: 387ms
QTcF: 383ms

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