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Curious ECG interpretation

Hello all,

I am a Male age 42, with type 2 diabetes currently on insulin treatment(Humulin U500) In 2008 I was diagnosed with Cor Pulmonale after an extended period of untreated sleep apnea. Since then I have been experiencing the following symptoms:

Intermittent chest pain
Dyspnea (on even light exertion and lying down)
Nagging cough, Sore, raw feeling lungs, pain on taking a full deep breath
Edema in the feet, legs, hands, arms, torso
Skeletal muscle pains after a short time of use, i.e. walking/standing/reaching up for something/holding a tablet/book etc
Generalized Cramps in skeletal muscles

Recently, I switched healthcare providers and had an ECG done(picture attached). My doctor at the time said it was fine but later I was sent to a cardiologist who ordered a Dobutamine stress test, and he said everything looked ok, and he didn't *think* I had Cor Pulmonale, but he didn't seem 100% sure. He said he could go ahead and order more invasive tests like a Cardiac catheterization, but he didn't think it was worth it.

What bothers me is this ECG which was taken a couple of months before the stress test. My PCP says it doesn't look quite right to her.

Also, My CK-MB showed:
Total CK 154
CK-MB      9.9 ng/mL
Relative Index 6%

I understand the CK-MB can be elevated from normal muscle damage, but my Troponin level was never checked to rule that out.

So I guess I'm asking, how abnormal does this ECG seem?
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You can look online to get a feeling for how normal ecg compares with damaged muscle, but it really gets back to who you can trust to read and interpret your ecg. I am not a doctor.

The words "probable infarct" would raise a bit of a red flag for me here, especially if you are having chest pain. However, there's also a word of caution on the ecg: there is an artifact, and they don't say what it is.

Have you had a more recent ecg, and how was that? Also, I notice that you don't mention the results of your stress test, nor whether they gave you an echo. However, I agree with the previous post. A second opinion is good.

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Hello, there are no EKG experts on this forum, it's a patient support board. Also, in order to properly interpret, one would need the actual sheet as there are measurements that can be made from those graphs that go into making a diagnosis.

If you need another opinion I would seek the advise of another cardiologist.  2nd opinions are always good.
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