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DESPERATE HELP**** My sister in critical condition

My sister is only 27 years old. She has crohns and came into A&E 6x days ago with sever stomach pains. Since she has been in she has been diagnosed with a severe bowel infection, pneumonia and from yesterday her heart rate has dropped to 42. Today she woke up and her heart rate is now 36/38- I understand this is VERY dangerous. The doctors have absolutely NO idea what could be causing it. Apparently its not her medication (antibiotics/ steroids) its not a heart murmur or anything else obvious, she also feels very dizzy and has chest pains- she is ONLY 27! They gave her a drug that helped boost her heart rate to 130 with the hope it would fall to 80 or so and stabilize, sadly this has not happened.

Please could someone tell me what could be going on. I am so desperate to find out. The doctors seem very worried as well. I do not have any heart problems in my family either.

Any tips will help

Thanks xxx
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I assume she is in the hospital now?  You state she had an infection and pneumonia.  Are these being treated now?  Is she healing or healed rom them, getting better?  Do you know what her heart rate is on a regular basis?  I suspect that this isn't an issue originating from a problem with the heart but rather the heart issue is related to her illness and that once she is fully recovered she may gain her heart strength back.  The illnesses may have stressed it out and weakened it temporarily but at her age there is a strong possibility that any issues will reverse themselves.  Have her do just as the doctor says and try to not over extend herself until she sees improvement.  Rest, rest and more rest.  I am sending you and your sister my best.  I do hope she feels better soon.  Keep us posted on how she is doing.
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Thanks for writing back. She is still in hospital. Her infection and pneumonia is nearly back to normal but her resting heart rate is still around 37. Doctors are completely confused as to why it hasn't gone up considering her infection and pneumonia is nearly back to normal.
It is extremely strange and I don't understand IT. She is completepy confused. How can she go into hospital for a bowel infection and end up having a heart condition.

Her blood test and heart scan all came back as normal.

It's very confusing. Any other comments or help will be much appreciated.


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Well worse come to worse they may need to put a pacemaker in.  Kind of a hassle at her young age but may be worth it if her heart rate doesn't improve.  I don't know much about crohns but know it is a pretty serious issue so just make sure she takes proper care of that moving forward as best she can.  
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A very slow heart rate--bradycardia--is not exactly rare with severe gut problems like Crohn's.  The relationship between the heart and the gut is a difficult problem, and not yet well understood.  You can read more about it here:

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