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Do I have angina?

I am a healthy 18 year old female and have recently been experiencing dizziness. It started off when I played football and then during a game the dizziness got too much and I almost collapsed. I almost felt sick and it was like my leg muscles would not work. The doctor noticed that I had high blood pressure and a heart murmur but am still waiting to be seen by the NHS. Since the doctor's appointment though, even walking down the road has made me dizzy and I would get ice pick headaches with it too and also my heart would be so fast it was like it was trying to get out of my chest. Now I am starting to get chest pains randomly that only last a couple of seconds. They can occur when I am doing nothing and are very sudden.
So you know what it could be?
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Hi there!

This does not sound like angina, though issues with heart rhythm and valvular abnormalities may need to be strongly considered in the situation. Other possibilities include nutritional deficiencies such as those causing anemia, vasculature issues, low blood sugar, hormonal/ endocrinal abnormalities, renal issues etc. Aside issues with the heart, chest pain can also be causes due to issues with the respiratory system, GI etc. At this time I would suggest a detailed evaluation by a cardiologist to consider potential causes. After a particular cause is identified, it can me managed accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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