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Do I have to remove bra for an Echocardiogram?

For those of you (women) who had to do and echo-cardiogram, did you have a male or female physician? How did it go? Im assuming that you are given a robe to wear after removing upper clothes correct? But can you keep your bra on?
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I'm not a woman - but unfortunately you have to remove your bra. Ultrasound waves cannoy pass through it.
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Just make sure you have a two-part echo. One is external and the other is internal. You should remove your bra.
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Dear Antoine,

You will have to remove your bra. After you remove your upper clothing you will lay down on the examining table. Normally you lay on your left side, facing away from the examiner.
Take a robe with you if you feel more comfortable with it, but you will hardly have time to wear it. Once the echo is done, you can dress yourself again.
Most examiners are very nice people, doing everything possible to make you feel at ease. You will be just fine!

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mine has always been a woman never had a man
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They need to put an electrode down at the base of the heart, usually beneath the fold under the left breast in mature women.  It won't work right if there's a bra over it.

In my experience,  they give you a loose patient gown of either fabric or paper to wear during the exam to sort of preserve modesty.  A tech runs this part of the exam, and it can be a man or woman.  You will talk with the cardiologist, male or female, afterwar, when you are fully dressed..

You will have to walk fast or almost jog during a stress test, and for bosomy women, well, this is a jiggly experience, but it only lasts about 12-15 minutes.  Believe me, everyone is so involved in monitoring your test numbers that they will hardly notice if you're a man or a woman.

Try to relax about this.  No one really cares or notices.
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But the point is that WE CARE.  Why is it acceptable for others to feel ok but not the patient?  Patient safety and dignity should be FIRST.  I had an ecocardiogram scheduled with a female technician, and got switched to a man.  I insisted that another female be in the room with me.  All they had was the office manager, and that was fine.  I just wanted someone else watching that man's hands.  He wouldn't even cover me up at all during the exam.  Men invade women's safe spaces and then declare 'it was no big deal'.  It is a big deal.  Dignity should be paramount, not the comfort of the medical personnel.
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